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Decorating Trends for a Dashing Holiday

Mother Nature has never needed decorating help. She colors her grounds with leaves of orange and brown before the rest of us break out our scarves. She paints her sky a deeper shade of gray before we can put away our autumn centerpieces. She has never bothered to watch HGTV and has no need for a Pinterest board. Mother Nature is always one season ahead. The rest of us, though—not so much.

We’ve enlisted some of the area’s top decorating experts to help you change your home from pumpkin spice to peppermint mocha. They’ve got all the insight about how to make your home look gorgeous and on-trend, inside and out.

Interior Decorating Trends

Helen Wright is meeting many customers looking for one of two distinct styles.

“People are going for a natural look,” she says. “Woodsy, outdoor, rustic decorations are popular because they go well with reclaimed wooden furniture.” Wright recommends turning your living room into a cozy Christmas cabin with decorations made of burlap or birch bark, and enhancing your natural theme with a series of ornaments and trinkets that look like woodland animals. Not so fast, Rudolph—owls and squirrels are all the rage.

Rachel Bauer McCreary agrees that woodsy decor is in, but that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch.

“So much Christmas decor is almost stuck in its ways, but you can definitely make small, meaningful tweaks to keep it on trend,” she says. “For instance, traditional holiday wreaths are pine, not grapevine, but we knew that our customers wanted something on-trend to display with pride on their doors. The grapevine achieves the rustic look.”

Some customers, Wright says, are looking for a flashier holiday.

“We sell a lot of rhinestone reindeer,” she says. You can glam up your Christmas with glittery whites and silvers that will pop on your mantel, dining room table and Christmas tree. Bauer McCreary says gold is the go-to color for statement pieces and accents.

“Warm gold hues, rose gold, bronze, and copper are staying strong in home decor and will continue to do so into next year. Mixing metallic tones with organic textures is a great way to keep your home from feeling too hard,” she says.

Exterior Decorating Trends

As far as the outside of your home is concerned, Wright says the traditional green Christmas wreath isn’t going anywhere. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Fraser and balsam firs are famous for needle-retention, making them prime choices when choosing a festive wreath.

There’s bad news for the Clark Griswold in all of us: loud, colorful Christmas lights are out. Pete Wilson anticipates that homeowners will turn to modern technology to return to simplicity.

“White LED lighting is clean and crisp, and really adds elegance to outdoor decorations,” Wilson says. Classic white Christmas lights will make your home look gorgeous, and your neighbors are sure to prefer a simple display to a blinding one.

Bauer McCreary supports Wilson’s observation that simplicity reigns supreme this holiday season.

“The key in outdoor decor right now is to keep it simple, with some pieces that really pop. I love the idea of vintage marquee lights in front windows that spell out the messages of the season, such as JOY or LOVE.”

The experts have weighed in and it sounds like extremes are in fashion this season. Go simple and rustic or glitter and glam, but go all the way this holiday season to turn your home into a festive, winter wonderland.