Summer around town.

As I sit on my porch this July evening, I can hear the telltale signs that summer is in full swing. I hear the melodic chirping of the robins nesting in our rafters (it’s not so pleasurable at 5 a.m., but in the evening it’s quite beautiful). There are the excited voices of children playing games like kickball and capture the flag. In the distance I can catch the gentle hum of a lawn mower. If I’m really still, I can hear the low bellow of a bullfrog in the peaceful woods that adorn our towns.

These long, summer nights and weekends are perfect for spending time outside and exploring our towns and neighboring communities. This issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is all about fun summer activities in and around town.

Within our townships, we’ll point you toward a few perfect picnic spots and provide some fantastic picnic-friendly recipes that are fit for a foodie. We’re throwing the spotlight on a historic national site right here in town that many drive past on a daily basis—the National Voice of America Museum. Our Giving Back story spotlights a local student on the quest to become an Eagle Scout who is giving our community new little lending libraries.

If you head out of town in any direction, you’ll find dozens of great local spots to visit. This month, we take a fun day trip outing to Yellow Springs, Ohio. Just a short drive south to the city, you can take in the excitement of Cincinnati’s new professional soccer team, FC Cincinnati.

Whether you want to stay near or venture a little farther, there are plenty of adventures to have this summer. So lather on the sunscreen and find a nice shady spot to enjoy this issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle.

Michelle Moody, Publisher