A Yuletide Interior Guide 12

Re-imagining Your Home with Holiday Cheer

It’s no secret: although the Christmas season is deemed to be the most wonderful time of the year, it tends to sneak up on us and bring even more busyness into our lives. Parties are hosted, gifts are opened and each year we hope to leave a lasting impression on our holiday guests. From wreathes with bows to trees that glow, there are many ways to transform your home into a winter wonderland–and still stay true to your own style.

West Chester resident, Helen Wright, understands the importance of re-imagining a home during the holidays. As the owner of Interiors Plus in Mason, Wright is a designer with 30 years of experience.

“The biggest trend is the natural look. We’re doing so much with the industrial, but the natural thing is so big,” Wright says. “Bright colors are coming in strong, so you see that in the trends for Christmas décor as well.”

With a design aesthetic that shines through the Interiors Plus showroom, as well as through her own robust portfolio, Wright helps her clients create the complete holiday experience from entryway to dining room and beyond.


“People really want to make a statement. They want something that will say ‘Welcome to my home; we’re ready for Christmas,’” Wright explains.

How can you make that statement in your home’s entryway? Use big objects to give the room a focal point. Whether it’s a large Santa or a sleigh, many figures can be used to draw the attention of your guests and impress. No space for a large object? Use an entry table as the focal point with smaller Christmas statues and figurines.

Living Room

The holiday spirit continues to flow as we move away from the front door and into the living room. As the room where the Christmas tree typically stands, Wright stresses the important of making sure this room is pleasing to the eye.

“You don’t want the living room to be so much off from what the rest of the house represents,” Wright explains.

To stay true to your home’s theme, you can take some of your old things and incorporate them with new items to maintain your homey feel.


The same rules apply in the kitchen. Old items can be married with fresh trends to create a personalized holiday home experience. If you have counter space, Wright suggests a tray with Christmas figures spread about.

Dining Room

Add a centerpiece to your dining room table during the holidays. If you will be utilizing your dining table for eating or conversations, another option is to decorate your sideboard with reindeer, Santas or any other holiday figure.

“Focus on pulling the whole house together. This is the time of year that we can really decorate and do fun things. I think that’s why people like it so much,” Wright says. “At Christmas time it either glitters or sparkles and has lots of lights and I think that gives off a nice, happy feeling.”

Interiors Plus

When she’s not sharing holiday tips, Wright’s designs leave her clients feeling happy all year long. Interiors Plus makes cozy home designs a reality for all by specializing in design services, window treatments, furniture, accessories and art, custom botanicals and holiday décor.

Wright can envision the final look from the very beginning, and her passion shines through in the work she designs. For additional information and to view Wright’s portfolio, visit Interiors Plus online. InteriorsPlusMasonOhio.com