Add Tick Tock to Your Clock 9

Unique Local Business Cincy Concierge Sells Free Time

In this “most wonderful time of the year,” 24 hours and two hands simply aren’t enough. Providing concierge and personal assistance services to households and small businesses, Cincy Concierge chases down even the most daunting tasks on your to-do list. The innovative brainchild of owner and founder Trip Topken, Cincy Concierge’s Santa bag is brimming with the gift we all truly desire—the gift of time.

What does a personal concierge do? Let us count the ways. Because you don’t have time to read ten, here’s a list of our Top Five.

1. Knocks out a to-do list with James Bond-like expertise.

Pick up groceries? Check. Airline tickets to Wisconsin to see the family? Check. Wait for the elusive cable guy? Check. Cincy Concierge is making a list and checking it twice. He can’t go to work or court for you, but he can tackle pretty much everything else on your list.

“If it’s moral, ethical, and legal, I can get it done,” Topken says.

As an Army veteran, Topken takes a super-agent approach to pleasing his clients.

“I enjoy solving problems—finding solutions to what seems unsolvable,” he says. “My goal is knock-your-socks-off service.”

A typical household client for Cincy Concierge is a family who doesn’t have enough time for everything they need to do. Sound familiar? Say “yes” to the top priorities in your life—volunteering, having a social life and going to your kids’ games and concerts—while Cincy Concierge takes on the task of managing the home.

2. Secures top-rated services at a reasonable cost.

Raised in Cincinnati and currently residing in Mason, Topken is well-connected in the area. He can make recommendations for everything from home and car repair to lawn care.

A personal assistant is not just for the rich and famous. Topken is a modern-day Jeeves at a reasonable price. For the same cost as dinner out, Cincy Concierge can accomplish two full hours of your dreaded errands and chores.

“You can’t put a price on your time,” Topken says. “It’s true what they say, time is money.”

3. Makes special deliveries.

One of Cincy Concierge’s first clients was surprisingly not in Cincinnati. When an email came in from La Paz, Bolivia, Topken accepted a unique mission.

“The email asked me to go to the Sharonville Root Beer Stand. It said, ‘Get four footlong hot dogs, a pulled pork sandwich and a gallon of root beer and deliver it to my parents’ house.’”

It was a sentimental surprise for Father’s Day from a Cincinnati native who couldn’t be here to make the delivery himself.

4. Boosts benefits for small-business employees.

As a butler to small businesses, Cincy Concierge’s services may be offered as a unique employee perk. Small businesses make a large investment in their employees—hiring, training and maintaining a quality workforce.

“With my services available, you’ve got people who will be working at your company who are more focused and more willing to go the extra mile because they’ve got a company that cares for them and wants them to be successful,” Topken explains.

“I can tailor a plan to any company,” he says.

5.  Loads your sleigh.

Cincy Concierge is Santa’s little helper, happily checking off your holiday to-dos.

“One of the worst things for anybody this time of year is to go to the mall—it’s a hassle,” Topken says. “You give me the list and I’ll make sure your gifts are the right size, color, amount and within budget. I’ll even get it wrapped and delivered.”

Consider the gift of time this holiday. Expect Trip Topken at Cincy Concierge to add more tick tock to your clock during this busy holiday season and year-round.