A Healthy New Year. 1

Happy New Year from all of us at West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle!

As we kick off 2017, we are given 365 new days and a chance at a fresh start. It’s tradition to take this time to focus on making positive changes in our lives. This Healthy Living edition of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is packed full of stories meant to inspire our readers in various facets of their lives.

If you have fitness goals for 2017, get inspired and motivated by Renee Zegar, a West Chester resident who recently returned from the World Iron Man competition. Then turn to page 34 where the team at Gracetree Yoga & Growth Studio provide us with six tips for a healthy new year.

If you or a loved one needs surgery in the new year, you’ll want to read about the brand new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation and physical therapy center, Jamestowne.

A new year also gives us a chance to focus on our financial health. Inside we get expert advice from Wally Bates on why it’s important to get an annual mortgage check-up.

If you have a goal of finding new ways to donate your time or treasures in the new year, you’ll enjoy this month’s Giving Back story. A Child’s Hope International is a local charity that brings hope and health to children around the world by providing food and clean drinking water.

No matter what you wish to accomplish in 2017, we hope that you’ll be successful in achieving your goals.

Happy New Year!

Michelle Moody, Publisher