Habitat For Healing 9

The Healing Power of Jamestowne

If healing is an art, the artist is Jamestowne, the brand new rehabilitation facility for inpatient and outpatient therapy in nearby Hamilton. The rock and glass structure features five-star accommodations, but it is all about healing with comfort and quality of care.

The newest in a family of caregiving facilities, Jamestowne combines the experience and success of its predecessors to take care to a new level. Parent company Community First Solutions will celebrate 100 years of caregiving in 2018. A century of care sets Jamestowne apart from traditional rehab services.

State-of-the-Art Therapy

The centerpiece of Jamestowne is its 5,000 square-foot therapy gym. It’s loaded with skill strengthening activities for recovering patients. Among several other high-tech devices, you’ll find a Hydroworx® therapy pool with a floor that rises for easy entry. It features an underwater treadmill, live video technology and massage jets with adjustable resistance.

“It’s great for patients who’ve, for example, had a stroke and can’t handle the impact of a traditional treadmill for treatment,” explains Kelley Lawrence, vice president of health services.

On the opposite end of the space are several private treatment rooms and an Occupational Therapy suite: a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even laundry machines.

Danielle Webb, vice president of marketing, says, “Working in this space gives a patient confidence that they are ready to go home and function in their own space.”

Designed for Healing

Jamestowne is a serene habitat for healing. Natural light pours through floor to ceiling windows. Each wing ends with views of landscaped gardens. Specific environments were carefully selected for their healing components: mountain, forest, coast and prairie.

“We used evidence based design practices proven to promote healing,” Webb explains.

Jamestowne is singularly focused on turning illness into wellness. Including the entire family in that process helps a patient to a quicker recovery and smoother lifestyle changes. There’s plenty of space for guests in each private room, one of the many fireside lounges, or in the dining room at a family-sized table.

The 42 spacious private rooms are hotel-like, decorated with warm, welcoming colors and offer amenities galore: mini-fridges, wireless internet, private bathrooms with walk-in showers and handlebars that double as a safety nightlight. No detail has been overlooked.

But, the greatest beauty of the not-for-profit powerhouse is its staff.

“It’s not just that we want to help people while they are here, it’s that we want to help them,” Webb says with a reflective smile. “At the end of the day, we are just people helping people. And we happen to have a lot of great staff that makes it easier to do that.”

Patients may never want to leave this beautiful place, but Jamestowne will send you packing when the time is right. Its attentive care follows you home with Community First Solutions’ continuum of services, including pharmaceutical and meal delivery and transportation to doctor’s appointments.

“If you get to choose, wouldn’t you choose this?” Webb says, gesturing to the wide, sunlit hallway of Jamestowne’s coastal wing. “Most people don’t even realize they have a choice.”

“After a tour of this facility, people are ready to get that surgery they may have been putting off,” Lawrence says.

It’s time to start packing for your healing getaway at Jamestowne.