Happy Tails Of West Chester & Liberty Township 17


People love their pets. We asked readers to submit photos of their pets and expected to receive a small handful of cats and dogs. We never expected the overwhelming response of more than 60 submissions of cats, dogs, birds and rabbits. Thank you to the community of West Chester & Liberty Township for loving your animals! To ease into our very first pet photo shoot, we selected just 15 photogenic pups. Enjoy the dogs of this issue, photographed by Carolyn Evans of PhoDOGrapher Pet Photography, and look for more pets in future editions of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle.


Age: 3 years

Family: The Boulton Family

Woody likes to play in the snow and eat snowballs, but then loves to snuggle on the couch or in someone’s lap.


Age: 4 years

Family: The Michelson Family

Rescued from the Kansas 
Humane Society

On a snowy day, Otto likes to shove his snout deep in the snow to sniff the frozen ground to check for cats.


Age: 4 years

Family: The Snodgrass Family

Rescued from Animal Friends Humane Society

When it snows, Bella loves to run circles around the backyard and will sometimes hop through it like a bunny.


Age: 4 years

Family: The Bradley Family

Chief is a big, 90-pound baby. He’s a ball of energy who loves to meet new people but is very protective of his mama.


Age: 2 years

Family: The Simon Family

On a cold day, Chloe likes to stay inside to cuddle and play with her family. Although she’s only three pounds, Chloe is a protective little pup.

Sandy Rey

Age: 9 months

Family: The Moody Family

Sandy was born on “Star Wars Day” so her middle name is Rey, inspired by the heroine of the new Star Wars films.


Age: 5 years

Family: Peg Chandler & Chris Hensey

Rescued from Louie’s Legacy

Polly is so sweet and calm that she could barely smile for the camera. Luckily we caught a glimpse of her howling trick.


Age: 3 years

Family: Ryan & Olivia Fleming

Rescued from Animal Friends Humane Society

Ralphie is a snuggly people-lover.


Age: 8 years

Family: Kate McMahon

Rescued from Trenton Animal Shelter

Joey is not a fan of the snow so you’re more likely to find him burrowed under several blankets, snoring rather loudly.


Age: 10 years

Family: The Bonk Family

Lulu is a laid-back dog who loves to fetch snowballs in the backyard or cuddle inside with her human brothers.


Age: 2 years

Family: The Harold Family

When it snows, Lola runs laps around the yard, collecting so many snowballs in her fur that her family has to melt them in their hands in order to brush them off of her.


Age: 5 years

Family: The Miller Family

Molly is a gentle, snuggly dog who loves to run around in the snow with her human siblings.


Age: 5 years

Family: Andy Hoffman & Miranda Sheeks

Rescued from Country Dog Rescue

Ornery Piper loves playing with her sister dog, Sable.


Age: 2 years

Family: The Finnerty Family

Rescued from LuvFurMutts

Four-pound Finn is so small that his mom must make a path for him to walk through the snow.