Complete Kitchen Makeover 7

Kitchen Concepts Brings Modern Luxury To Liberty Township Couple

Step into George and Carol Hilliard’s new Liberty Township kitchen and you’ll feel like you’re walking into the pages of Better Homes & Gardens. Sleek white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances have transformed this kitchen from a small, dark space into a brand new, wide open and functional beauty.

“The old kitchen was about 50 years old. It was dark and gloomy and kind of tired looking,” Carol says. “It was not very functional because everything you use to cook was on one side of the kitchen, but the sink was on the other side so you were constantly going back and forth.”

When the Hilliards decided to renovate their kitchen last year, they shopped around and eventually selected the team at Kitchen Concepts Inc. based upon their attention to detail and precise design work. Brothers Pat and Rich Ryan have co-owned Kitchen Concepts for more than 20 years and go to great lengths to satisfy their customers. Pat’s first recommendation for the Hilliards’ kitchen was to make it more functional.

“You must design first for function,” Pat explains. “People aren’t looking for a showroom; they’re looking for a functional space that makes life easier for them.”

One of the most common ways to create more functionality in a kitchen is to put the stove and sink in the same area to make food preparation more efficient. This is exactly what Pat’s team did for Carol’s new kitchen. Another functional improvement was trading the low-lying cabinets for large drawers, which Carol says made a big difference in her day-to-day life.

“I don’t have to bend over to get anything. Typically if you put something heavy in a cabinet, you have to bend down and dig deep to get it out,” Carol says. “Now everything is in a drawer and the drawers lift up.”

Not only did the team at Kitchen Concepts create a more functional workspace, but they also gave the entire kitchen a much-needed aesthetic makeover. No more dark wood, no more mismatched appliances, and no more clutter. Everything was updated to look modern, clean and bright.

After Pat designs a new space, Rich oversees the installation, using professionals who have worked for the pair for decades. Together the teams transform the average kitchen in a matter of weeks.

“The installation team really knows what they’re doing. The carpenter took all the cabinets out and put the new ones in–all by himself. He was like a one-man army,” Carol laughs. “Everyone was excellent. [Kitchen Concepts] only sent people who they’ve been working with for a long time.”

Indeed, with their small army of professionals, Pat and Rich renovate not only kitchens, but also bathrooms, offices and most living spaces. Their catch phrase is that they will “do anything that needs to be done.” With few exceptions (no room additions, no roofs and no driveways), Kitchen Concepts goes way beyond just kitchens.

Pat’s 44-year design background pushes him to be accurate and extremely thorough when bidding on projects.

“We go to great detail with clients,” Pat says. “We talk about everything, down to the color of the plugs and switches. You know exactly what you’re getting when we start a project, and many clients trust us enough that they’ll go on vacation when we renovate their home.”

Whether you are ready for a full remodel or just want design tips from the experts at Kitchen Concepts, Carol’s advice is to “just go for it.”

“Our family and friends walk into our new kitchen and say, ‘Oh my gosh!’” Carol exclaims. “The pictures don’t even compare to what it looks like in person. It’s amazing. We are so happy.”