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BOVA Offers Unique Styles For Every Room

Walk into BOVA Contemporary Furniture and your eyes are immediately met with an elegantly lit, open showroom with cool colors and unique designs. BOVA offers unique, high-quality designs at attractive prices. From the subtle to the edgy, the large Deerfield Township showroom caters to a variety of tastes. Trendy sofas, sleek accent tables and modern beds are featured throughout the store. It’s hip, yet cozy; chic, yet practical.

“We offer modern, contemporary designs with clean lines and excellent quality,” says Praddy Mangat, who co-owns the store with his sister, Roony Mangat. “Some houses and rooms aren’t that big anymore, so you want furniture that doesn’t consume the room. A minimalistic look is popular right now.”

Mangat opened the Ohio BOVA location in 1985. Today it’s one of five exclusive showrooms in the U.S., and the largest all-contemporary furniture store in the region.

If you’re looking to modernize your home or just freshen up your existing look, Mangat recommends visiting the store, where their knowledgeable team can provide advice on colors, sizes and styles.

“We’ll have people bring in a photo of the room they want to design, and we can give them direction on what works best,” Mangat says. “Everyone wants gray right now; gray is the new white.”

While gray might be the current trend, open the door at BOVA and you’ll realize there’s something magical about a little color. From orange couches to green tables to blue chandeliers, it’s easy to see why contemporary furniture is eye-catching. However, if bright colors aren’t for you, BOVA offers plenty of modern styles in more subtle hues.

“People shouldn’t be intimidated by contemporary,” Mangat says. “If you’re looking for modern furniture, you’ve come to the right place.”

Visit BOVA to find your inner designer and add some cool new pieces to your home.