Our Favorite Things Of Spring 10

Local, brother-owned business shares some favorite landscaping and lawn maintenance items

Brothers Dustin and Damon Mundy share some of their favorite items of spring from their family business, The Turf Tailor.

WHO: Dustin & Damon Mundy

WHAT: Co-Owners of The Turf TailorGrounds Maintenance

WHERE: West Chester TheTurfTailor.net

Toro Grandstand Zero Turn Mower: The Turf Tailor averages 500 hours of mow time per year on each mower.

Rivercrest Wall Stone: A unique and versatile stone used for retaining walls and accent walls.

Hydrangea: This fragrant garden staple is the most popular flowering plant used by The Turf Tailor.

Water Fountains: Every fountain they install is unique and customized to fit the homeowner’s needs.

Norway Spruce Tree: This hardy evergreen can withstand our unpredictable Ohio weather and provide privacy in all seasons.

Stone Saw: The perfect combination of fun and function, this Sthil ts420 Stone Saw is an essential tool for The Turf Tailor.

Crimson King Maple Tree: This favorite tree keeps its beautiful purple color from spring through fall.

Sunhat and Glasses: Sun protection is essential for their hard-working crew.