Mom Knows Best

Inspirational Memories From Local Moms And Daughters

In May, we honor all the moms who love and support their kids, whether they’re infants, adults or angels. We asked local moms and daughters to share their favorite quote, memory or inspiration about motherhood. This is what they had to say.

“The best thing about my mom was she was there for everything–didn’t matter what it was. The fun thing about that: she is still there for me today whenever I need her, even though I am now a mom with four kids of my own.” —Shelly O’Neill, Emery Federal Credit Union

“One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching my kids grow up and discover who they are—their unique talents, ideas and passions in life. Seeing them transform into amazing people makes all of the ups and downs of being a parent completely worth it.” —Kristen Bitonte, Liberty Township Administrator

“I feel very blessed and lucky to have a mother who is not only my best friend, but she is also the best grandma to my two children. My children love her dearly, and I wouldn’t change a thing about our relationship. I thank God every day for her.” —Alison Shiver, Shiver Security

“My mom, Pam Webb, is the most thoughtful and caring person, and she goes to extremes to make our family happy. One great example of this is her made-up holiday: ValensGivings. Every February she hosts a full Thanksgiving meal complete with Valentine’s gifts, games and décor. I’m so grateful for the hard work and careful consideration she provides to help our family make the best memories together.” —Danielle Webb, Community First Solutions

“Children are the greatest gift. Life serves up chaos, stress, and negativity; but, when I look at my kids’ faces, all is right in the world.” —Noel Balster, Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School

“My favorite quote, thinking of my daughter has always been: ‘My daughter is just a little girl who grew up to be my best friend. We laugh together, cry together, share secrets together, go out together and are always there to grow together. It’s a special unbreakable bond.’” —Sherry Armstead, Art On Symmes

“The most empowering impression is when you realize your mom is human. Before that realization, you believe your mom to be infallible, and from that realization, you know she is authentic.” —Judi Boyko, West Chester Township Administrator