Brewing The American Dream 13

DogBerry Brewery Brings Craft Beer To West Chester

In the vast world of Cincinnati craft beer, West Chester holds one of the area’s best kept secrets, and this secret is meant to be shared. DogBerry Brewing is the only brewery in the West Chester and Liberty Township community to date; however, it is a standout in the industry thanks to the unapologetic passion of its founders, Chris Frede and Tony Meyer. Together, these former lab scientists began to use their skills on a different kind of science. Their motivation? They’re simply two men who love good beer.

DogBerry Brewing, which is a combination of Frede and Meyer’s street address names—Dog Leg Court and Twinberry Court—is now in its third year and continues to grow.

“We thought DogBerry sounded better than TwinLeg,” Frede says, as both men laugh. It’s an appropriate name that embodies their original home brew roots.

Before it became the established brewery that it is today, DogBerry was simply two dads brewing beer over the stovetops in their respective homes. After crafting an IPA in 2012, their brewing adventure took off. Their individual passions for craft beer brought them together to form the perfect team. They would alternate between houses and spend time brewing on a weekly basis, something that continued for nearly three years.

As the duo continued to brew at home, they would share their creations with their families and friends. Soon enough, people began asking if they could buy Frede and Meyer’s beer, and it was then they knew they were onto something. The decision to transition their passions into a business came naturally at that point.

“We had the time, availability and opportunity. We were in a fortunate spot in the market for this type of business. It was just really starting to pick up and we got in very early in this area,” Meyer explains. “We have incredibly supportive wives. We took a shot at something and started it on a very small, bare bones budget and built it from the ground up. There was very little risk. There was more risk to our pride than our money.”

Because of steady growth over the past few years, DogBerry has outgrown its original brewery on Cincinnati-Dayton Road and is now moving to a much larger location on Crescent Park Drive, which is set to open in late May to early June.

Though Frede and Meyer have achieved great success, they haven’t lost sight of their original passions for brewing. While money is a good thing, they have agreed that making money isn’t their main priority. Refusing to chase trends, they only make beers that they love and can be proud to label with the DogBerry name.

“We make beer that we love, and we’ll share it with you if you want it,” Meyer says. It’s that unapologetic passion that makes DogBerry unique.

DogBerry is truly the result of two local dads’ American dream. In addition to making beer that they love, Frede and Meyer have created an atmosphere at their brewery that is comfortable, classy and approachable. It’s the type of place that makes you feel good.

“It sounds corny, but I love the American dream where you can be in charge of something and have input and figure out how you’re going to make it happen,” Frede shares.

Meyer adds, “The fact that we can make beers that we enjoy drinking and see someone drink it and smile and say, ‘That’s really good,’ that’s the coolest part for me.”

Stop by the new brewery for a cold craft beer and witness two guys’ American dream come to life.