Driving Toward Faith 4

How Tragedy Paved The Road Toward Purpose

Nearly two years ago, Mike Campbell took a leap of faith by moving his family to West Chester to open the newest Christian Brothers Automotive franchise, located on Cincinnati-Dayton Road. After many years of working in service industries, Mike and his wife, Flo, were seeking a business opportunity that represented the highest standard of integrity and business ethics. They became familiar with the principles of Christian Brothers Automotive after having visited a location in 2010 near their former Atlanta home.

“My wife was the one who actually took the car to that location. She called me and said, ‘You have to come and see this place. It’s not like any automotive center you’ve ever seen. It’s like a dentist office,’” Mike recalls with a laugh. “She said it was very clean with no grease and no grime. She hadn’t ever seen an automotive center like that. That’s what first sparked our interest.”

Just four years before making the decision to embark on this new journey, their 17-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son were in a tragic automobile accident on their way to school. Their son, JJ, died from the accident. Mike says the aftermath of the accident shifted his priorities for himself, his wife, and their three daughters.

“My wife and I wanted to do something business-wise that we could honor our son and be true to our Christian faith. That was really the linchpin that led us to getting involved in Christian Brothers Automotive,” Mike explains.

While their path to becoming franchise owners was unique, the quality and customer service they deliver to customers each day is standard across the company. Forged with faith-based principles of integrity and honesty, Christian Brothers Automotive has sought to change the way customers think about auto service by providing knowledgeable and genuine car repairs. Walk into their lobby and you’ll find a clean, warm and welcoming environment—or as some might say, “a dentist office.” With more than 160 locations nationwide, Christian Brothers Automotive is large enough to secure good pricing and talent, yet small enough to know you as a customer.

“We want to be different than any other automotive repair service out there. We want people in the community to trust us and know that when they walk in the door they’re treated fairly,” Mike says. “We want to be proud of what we deliver. That’s what drives everybody here.”

Personal integrity dictates how each customer is treated, but it also motivates personal involvement in the community. Mike explains, “We work in a variety of ways in the community. Giving back through charities, community groups and schools is a way to put our faith into practice through the work of Christian Brothers.”

With the guiding idea and biblical principle, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” Christian Brothers Automotive has been serving customers for more than 34 years across the country. It’s this “golden rule” that sets them apart. Visit their location and you’ll find Mike and his team onsite, building relationships with customers and the community. They strive to relate to customers so that can serve them the way they, themselves, would want to be served.

“I’ve had a number of customers come here who knew what [Flo and I] went through and who have talked about the loss of their own kids,” Mike says. “Everyone has struggles. It’s just that we may be more inclined to talk to our customers or engage with our customers about the struggles they’re going through more so than most businesses.”

Mike does not downplay how much his faith has driven him to this new path in life. He believes God led him to Christian Brothers Automotive and is thankful each day for the opportunity.

“We examined every facet of our lives [after the accident] and decided that this was the direction we wanted to go,” Mike humbly states. “We really like it here. We are growing every month and love the diversity of the West Chester community.” CBAC.com/West-Chester