The GMC Terrain 6

Perfectly Sized SUV From Fiehrer Motors

Let’s admit it, there are some monsters on the road. I’m not talking about the people who cut you off or the semis that always seem to be in front of you when you’re in a hurry. I’m talking about some of the giant SUVs that seem more like a small bus than a vehicle that will fit in my garage. You also see some very tiny SUVs on the road that are so tiny, you wonder why those drivers didn’t just purchase a smart car. If you’re in the market for a new SUV but can’t find the right fit, the GMC Terrain might be just right.

I recently test-drove the GMC Terrain at locally owned Fiehrer Motors and found it to be big on features in just the right size package. Before I started the engine, I took a few moments to just sit in the car and take it all in. I’m a tall guy and it has a spacious cabin with a generous amount of legroom and headspace. To my surprise when I opened the center console, I found a cavern. No kidding; I could almost put my entire arm inside the spacious storage area, which is perfect for storing and charging technology. It can even fit a full-size laptop.

On the road, the VVT (variable valve timing) engine provides an excellent combination of power and handling. The GMC Terrain displayed solid acceleration and handled like a smaller car. Other SUVs I’ve driven have made me feel like I was driving a tank. The Terrain still put the thrill of driving in my hands, yet maneuvered well at the same time. It did well around corners and made very tight turn arounds. I drove for a while without the radio turned on and noticed how incredibly quiet the interior was, both on and off the freeway. In addition, the Terrain’s suspension provided for an incredibly smooth ride.

Next it was time to fire up the sound system. I turned on the radio and was greeted with an incredible sound show. No wonder the audio was so impressive– it’s provided by an 8-speaker, 250 watt, Pioneer sound system. Additionally, the GMC Terrain naturally offers the full array of today’s technologies, including back-up camera, navigation system, steering-wheel-mounted controls, USB connectivity, 4g Wi-Fi, and Intellilink. All of this technology is integrated into the middle console and can be controlled by the touch screen or manual controls that are conveniently located for easy access.

After arriving back at the dealership after my test drive, I explored the rest of the vehicle. Much like the front, the interior in the back was spacious and provided plenty of leg room. I continued my investigation by opening the rear of the vehicle to find a large amount of storage in the back. The rear storage can easily be increased by folding down the back seats.

If you’re in the market for a new SUV, I encourage you to stop by Fiehrer Motors in Fairfield Township and look at all the available GMC Terrain models. You’ll probably find one that is just right for you, and no one will think you’re a monster on the road.