Swing On In 10

New Golf Simulator And Restaurant Ready For The Pros (And Beginners)

If you’re a frequent golfer, walk in to Swing 365 in West Chester and you’ll feel right at home. Its modern, accurate and consistent rooms and golf simulators are some of the best in the nation. If you’re a beginner, walk in to Swing 365 and you’ll also feel a sense of belonging, greeted with a warm smile and welcoming attitude. Its spacious lounge areas, restaurant, bar and golf simulators are equally ready for a pro and a novice.

When Joe and Lauren Walker set out to create Swing 365, an indoor facility offering 10 high definition golf simulators, they aimed to make it feel like an upscale golf experience, without being pretentious or overwhelming for newbies. It’s the perfect setting for golf pros, corporate outings and families alike.

As a former football coach and golf strength coach, Joe spent most of the past two decades training and coaching young men to be the best that they can be—both on and off the field. An offer from Tommy Tuberville to join the Bearcats’ coaching team led him, Lauren and their three young boys to move to Cincinnati in 2013. Joe loved coaching, but the 100-hour work weeks were wearing on him and his family. With their middle child having special needs, Joe and Lauren made the decision to leave coaching and start a business.

“I miss my players. I loved making sure they were all better people when they left, but the flip side is now I’m spending time with and teaching my own kids,” Joe reflects.

In January 2017, Joe and Lauren opened Swing 365 near Union Centre, offering the first indoor golf simulator in Cincinnati and tying for the largest in the nation. In addition to the 10 HD golf simulators, which feature more than 30 famous courses, including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and more, Swing 365 offers lessons, clinics and leagues. Its simulators provide accuracy within a yard.

“Besides the grass, it’s actually more efficient to swing with a simulator than to go to a range,” Joe explains. “This is the closest thing you can get to real golf. You will have a much better range session here. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.”

In addition to the golf, Swing 365 serves up a full restaurant and bar that offers the same accurate service as the 10 golf bays. When customers walk in, Joe wants them to say, “Wow, I did not expect this!”

“I want them to feel welcome, to come here and know that they are wanted, not just their money,” Joe says. “We want to get to know them personally.”

It’s Joe’s passion for golf as a hobby that led the married duo to settle on Swing 365, a name developed with the help of Joe’s brother. While Joe manages the operations side of the business, Lauren oversees the financials and design. An accounting major, Lauren is “the brains of the operation,” according to her husband.

When you walk into the facility, your eyes are immediately drawn to the exceptionally-crafted wood hangings on the walls and wooden tables and shelves that sit throughout. Lauren’s woodworking skills helped create a unique environment for their West Chester business.

Swing 365 offers six private bays and four open bays, so regardless if you like social interaction or a quiet setting to focus on your game, they have you covered. Bays are rented by the hour, with the private bays renting at $45 per hour and the open bays for $30 per hour. Even if you have never swung a golf club before, don’t let that slow you down. The professionals at Swing 365 are ready to help you learn.