Food and Spirits.

I love a great meal. There’s something about that first bite that tastes beautiful, smells delicious and leaves you longing for many more. I love visiting a restaurant with my husband, enjoying the atmosphere and selecting something fabulous to savor from a wide array of menu options. It means I don’t have to cook or clean and can simply enjoy myself. However, when time permits, I take immense joy in crafting my own meals in our kitchen. I get a huge sense of accomplishment when I spend an hour or more carefully chopping, sautéing and serving a homemade culinary masterpiece.

And then my kids bring me right back down to Earth with their comments: “It’s too fancy, Mom!” and “Can’t we just have Dad’s simple cooking?”

Inside this food and spirits issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle, you’ll find many hand-crafted stories designed to tempt your palate.

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, you’ll love our recipes and advice for cooking with wine. If you prefer to let someone else do the cooking for you, turn to our story on The Capital Grille to learn more about this fine dining experience just a short drive from town.

New bars, breweries and restaurants are opening in West Chester and Liberty every week. We visited four this month and asked each to share the recipe for one of their most popular cocktails. If wine is your beverage of choice, look for some of the favorite picks from Kate Eberlein, the Liberty Township resident who owns Village Wines of Glendale.

With every good meal comes someone who serves as the backbone behind the scenes. You’ll want to read about an extraordinary party planner, Sara Pattison, who was indispensable as we hosted our Home Expo in June.

Each month we like to shine the spotlight on a local non-profit. This month we turn our focus to the Caring Community Collaborative as they prepare for their third annual Empty Bowls event on October 21.

Whether you eat to live or live to eat, there is always something special about that first bite. With your favorite spoonful in hand, we hope you’ll flip through the pages in this month’s issue and indulge in every photo and story until the very last bite.

Michelle Moody, Publisher


Savory dishes from The Capital Grille in Rookwood. Photography by Len Kaltman-West Chester Corporate Photography