It’s Party Time 3

Sara Pattison Gets Your Party Started

The first invitation to your next party should be extended to Sara Pattison, owner of Cincinnati-based The Perfect Party Planner. With a passion for parties, Pattison has long been known as the go-to girl among her friends and colleagues when it is time to celebrate. Now marking one year of her successful party planning operation, Pattison delights in the business of merry making.

To some, it appears that Pattison has a dream job; to others, the stress of party planning seems more like a nightmare. She launched The Perfect Party Planner in October, 2016, when she noticed that even the most seasoned hosts can be easily overwhelmed by planning a social gathering. Pattison checks stress off the to-do list and covers all of the details with ease, customizing her services to her clients’ needs. Pattison’s creativity and full service approach makes it possible for hosts to enjoy their own parties.

“Every event is completely different,” Pattison says. “More than that, what people want help with really varies. I am most satisfied when a customer says, ‘Wow! I really was a guest at my own event.’”

“I feel that people stress out so much,” she adds. “They’re spending a good amount of money, spending hours planning, and then they don’t even get to enjoy their own event. My role really comes down to asking what I can do to help my customer to take the stress out of planning their events.”

Pattison adds, “The less you stress, the more you are going to enjoy your party!”

Pattison enjoys the creative process that guides a successful party. Her company plans both social and corporate events of all sizes. Her experience reaches the full range from dinner parties to bridal showers and milestone birthdays to office award parties, happy hours, golf outings and full-blown corporate events. She is driven by the challenge to anticipate her clients’ needs and go beyond their expectations. No job is too big or too small for Pattison. She and her arsenal of party experts make her customers’ ideas come to fruition.

“I do anything and everything,” explains Pattison. “From designing custom invitations with my graphic designer to creating a menu and even making some food, or picking it up on the day of the event. I help set up vendors I know and trust—rent tables, chairs, tents, order cakes, cookies, you name it. When I say I do it all, I really will.”

Pattison’s Party Pointers

The holiday party season is right around the corner! From the small and intimate New Year’s Eve celebration to the office-wide corporate holiday event, the party season is upon us. Sara Pattison offers her top tips for your upcoming seasonal gatherings.

1. Simplify your guest list

Avoid including the guests you “should” invite. Surround yourself with interesting people you enjoy or want to get to know better.

2. Never skimp on food and drink

The menu doesn’t have to be complicated, just fresh and tasty. Guests aren’t expecting an open bar—instead, feature one or two signature cocktails alongside a small selection of beer and wine. Craft beer is considered a delicacy in Cincinnati.

3. Decorate with fresh flowers

Don’t underestimate the decorative power of a beautiful bouquet and a few well-placed clear vases showcasing single blossoms.

4. Look ahead and pace yourself for success

Skip the day-of-party stress by spreading your to-do list over the week before your event. Hand off the day-of duties so you can enjoy time with your guests.

5. Location, location, location

On a budget, home is the best venue for a social gathering. Pattison rearranges furniture to accommodate traffic flow. For corporate events, it’s all about convenience for colleagues and customers. Pin down a location that is central and accessible for guests.

Give yourself and your guests the gift of a free consultation from Sara Pattison of The Perfect Party Planner. Let Pattison get your party started. 513.512.5937