A Beautiful Thanksgiving

Tips To Wow Your Guests

During the holidays, the only thing we want more than to enjoy a good meal with our loved ones is to gather around a beautiful table.

Helen Wright and Gloria Blank of Interiors Plus in Mason give us tips for a table that will wow our family and friends.

Keep the Colors Cozy

Warm, autumn colors like orange and goldenrod warm up your dining table and match the colors of the season.

Muslin and burlap form a neutral backdrop to make fall colors pop.

“We are using a lot of natural-looking fibers for runners and tablecloths. It’s warm and inviting for harvest time,” Wright explains.

Bring the Outdoors In

Natural features like bundles of sticks, pumpkins, gourds and acorns are classics on fall dinner tables.

“People go for natural elements at this time of year,” Wright says.

Look who’s back—the owl, the star creature of the ‘70s. The modern owl is made of natural elements like sticks and feathers. Nestle a big-eyed owl into your centerpiece to add a touch of whimsy to your table.

Function Over Fashion

Be mindful that the dining table is meant for dining. The wrong décor can get in the way of eating and even dinner conversation. Be sure to allow space for serving dishes and place settings.

Harness a pretty collection of natural orbs and gourds in a long, narrow tray.

Be careful that you don’t go too high with centerpieces, or they will block the view between your guests.

“Don’t put too much on the table,” says Wright, “or it will interrupt what the dinner table is. It’s important to keep your décor low and narrow, so you can see each other.”

Let Lighting Set the Stage

Add warm lighting to your table with candles and lanterns.

“You should always have candle light at the table. It can turn just a casual meal into something more special,” Wright explains.

Popular at Interiors Plus is the bubbling candle fountain, a lit water fountain in the top of a candle. The combination of the soothing sounds of the trickling water and realistic, flickering light creates a peaceful setting for dinner. Some are even battery-operated, without the hassle of an electric cord.

“If you have a bunch of people over for dinner, you won’t have to worry about an open flame,” Blank adds.

Show Off Your Style on the Buffet

While your dining table must share space with food, the sideboard is a waiting stage. Show off your decorating savvy on the buffet. Try tall candlesticks, vases of natural-looking flowers and brightly-colored gourds and pumpkins in a variety of mediums: swirled glass, ceramic, even punched metal.

“If you want to do more decorating, do it on the buffet, behind your dining table,” says Wright.

Wright and Blank recommend the three top tips to consider when designing your buffet: symmetry, balance and height.

“Keep the height on the buffet, not the dining table,” Blank says.