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CycleBar Trainers Share Their Best Tips For A Healthy New Year

Pedals are flying, sweat is dripping, hearts are racing and the music is blaring. This isn’t just any spin class. It’s one at CycleBar.

CycleBar in Liberty Township is a boutique fitness center that offers a unique experience by delivering concierge-level service and an exhilarating ride that goes beyond other cardio classes. The convenience of technology combined with the highest quality equipment translates into a workout that truly makes a difference. Franchise owners Serena Krause and Justin Beck share a few tips on how to have a great workout for those looking to jump on the New Year’s Resolution health-train…or bike.

Get Going

Don’t be intimidated; take those first steps to start a routine or try something new.

“CycleBar classes offer a workout for every fitness level,” Krause says.

The studio is full-service, providing complimentary use of everything from shoes to towels to water bottles, making it easy to jump right in. No matter how or where you choose to exercise, make sure you find an environment that’s supportive.

Accountability Counts

When it comes to exercise, studies show that going with a friend or signing up for a class increases the rate of success.

Engagement with others is easy at CycleBar since the community room allows members to mingle and socialize around class times. The fitness boutique also offers “Use or Lose” packages, which drive riders to ride 30% more often than just buying flexible packages, according to Beck.

Track Your Progress

Thanks to the continued advancement of fitness trackers and exercise technology, individuals can learn more about their workouts than ever before. This knowledge encourages individuals to monitor progress and compete with one another.

“We’ve seen competition be a great motivator,” Krause says. Riders have the option to share their progress during class and compete with other riders in the room.

The bike keeps track of your stats during the workout, and automatically sends you an email with the final report. Your heart rate, calories burned, miles traveled and rotations per minute are just some of the key metrics available to keep you informed and encouraged.

Your Workout Should 
Meet Your Needs

People exercise for different reasons: to lose weight, strengthen weaker muscles, cross train. So be sure what you’re doing is benefiting your end-goal.

The benefits of indoor cycling are mounting. Its low impact makes it a great option for those recovering from injuries. A class can keep your heart rate well within a vigorous range for approximately 45-60 minutes, checking cardio off your list. Add a body bar during segments of the class to target upper body muscles for a more full-body workout.

As an instructor herself, Krause knows what it takes to make a workout valuable to all participating. She says, “Our bikes have the technology to show an individual their progress through the workout, which allows the rider to make adjustments for what’s best for them.”

Enjoy The Ride

Find an exercise that’s fun for you! It’s the best way to ensure you keep with it during the new year.

There’s plenty of fun to be had at CycleBar with different themed events including Sunday Brunch, Wine Down Wednesday, Concert Rides and Mashup Mondays.

With fully stocked locker rooms that include robes, hair straighteners, wet clothing bags and more, and several class times throughout the day, you’ll have access to what you need to take the stress out of when to work out.