Meet Chloe, West Chester’s Painting Dog

Like other painters, Chloe has developed a style all her own. She carefully selects colors from her artist’s bag and with brisk strokes of a paintbrush, fills each canvas with beautiful abstract art. She even marks each original work with her unique signature—a paw print. Chloe is a black and white border collie—West Chester’s painting dog.

Three-year-old Chloe has been painting since 2016, as trained by owner and West Chester native Ashley Kallay. They’ve been a family since Chloe was 12 weeks old.

“She way surpassed all the goals I’ve had,” Kallay says.

“The original idea was that Chloe was going to hold her Easter basket and my cat was going to sit in it. I thought this would be just adorable,” Kallay says. “It hasn’t happened yet,” she adds with a laugh.

“We started working on holding different objects and it led to holding a paintbrush,” she explains.

Kallay demonstrates by gently sliding her cell phone into Chloe’s teeth with a simple command. Gradually, Kallay trained Chloe to hold a modified paintbrush in her muzzle and use brushstrokes to paint. Kallay credits Chloe’s instructor at Canine Good Citizen for her training skills.

“I learned so much from our instructor about training her and being creative, taking it step by step,” Kallay says.

Chloe is gentle and patient, and motivated by games with a tennis ball or Frisbee. She paints at parks, special events and fundraisers. Kallay and Chloe visit assisted care facilities for the elderly, families of sick children at Ronald McDonald House, and children at St. Joseph’s Orphanage. Chloe is a furry philanthropist for other pets in need, giving fifty percent of the income generated from her paintings to support PAWS Adoption Center in Monroe.

Chloe is a friendly dog, eager to please and quick to learn. She loves people. When your eyes meet hers, her white-tipped tail swishes back and forth with joy, in a similar motion as her paintbrush when she paints.

Kallay wants to share her gifted Pupcasso with people of all ages.

“She has never met a stranger! She really loves people. She has such a personality. She has a way of making people smile, whether they are ‘dog people’ or not,” Kallay says of Chloe. “I want to be able to share that with people.”

Border collies are smart. Kallay has trained Chloe not only to paint, but also to play guitar, compete as a dock diver, in agility and with a disc. She performs a variety of tricks. Kallay is continuously preparing Chloe to stay disciplined in busy and distracting environments. You may see them together around town, training in local pet-friendly retail shops.

Chloe isn’t the only one being trained; she is busy training her human, too.

“She has the most beautiful spirit I’ve ever met,” Kallay says. “Chloe was able to help me love deeper. It was so meant to be.”

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