Delicious Designs Cookies Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth

Photos of these mouth-watering sweets probably had you craving a bite before even reading the first word on the page.

Whether you choose to try the signature cutout cookies with buttercream icing, truffle cake pops or perfectly crafted candies from Delicious Designs Cookies, these sweet treats are sure to bring a smile…and leave your sweet tooth wanting more.

“Cookies are generally for happy occasions; I love being included in family celebrations and traditions that way,” shares owner and baker Arin Singer-Bonk.

Singer-Bonk started her West Chester baking business by offering Camp Cookie, a summer camp experience that included cookie-decorating and other activities. As the camp and birthday parties ventures grew, she knew she needed a permanent space where she could continue to expand. The bakery in Olde West Chester now also offers classes for children’s groups and adults, in addition to the made-to-order cookies and treats.

“Fresh cookies and confections are always available for purchase in-store, but a majority of what I do is by custom order,” Singer-Bonk says. Experience the warmth, hospitality and delicious smells for yourself at Delicious Designs Cookies this Valentine’s Day.

Delicious Designs Cookies

8779 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, West Chester