Kitchen Concepts Transforms Porch Into Dream Laundry and Bathroom

Close your eyes and think about every detail of your home. Picture your living room and your kitchen. Could you imagine what it would be like if those rooms switched places? Now, imagine a porch or a patio that may be attached to your home. Imagine that space being transformed into a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing bathroom and laundry room. It’s a makeover that’s hard to imagine, but it’s exactly what took place in Linda Miller’s Cincinnati home.

“My laundry was in my basement and I have a problem with my knee. I wanted to get the laundry on the first floor. I had wanted to do this project for quite some time,” Miller explains.

Luckily, she had the perfect space for the endeavor—an enclosed porch.

“[The porch] could only be used a couple of weeks in the spring and summer. There was no heat, no cooling and no insulation. I mostly used it as a storage room,” Miller says.

Realizing that there was potential for the porch/storage space, and considering her goal of moving her laundry to a more functional location, Miller enlisted Kitchen Concepts in Blue Ash to help bring her dream to life.

Owned by Pat Ryan, who has been in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling business for 43 years and has a CKD certification from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Kitchen Concepts aims to please and is always sure to listen to what their client wants while providing the most accurate information to them.

“Since it was not insulated, that was a major concern. We couldn’t have the room get super cold, so we had to insulate and build up the floor,” Ryan explains. “We put a heated floor in because it was on concrete under open air space. There were a lot of heating considerations, but once that was established the process was like renovating any other room.”

Miller fully entrusted Kitchen Concepts to complete the renovation.

“Linda was actually out of town for most of our work and that only works when everything is selected ahead of time, including the electrical outlet colors and the kind of baseboard they want. The big stuff like cabinets and faucets and tubs are important, but so are the small details,” Ryan continues.

It was through the renovation process that Ryan was able to transform Miller’s dark, cold storage space and enclosed porch and convert it into a bright, functional area that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also achieved Miller’s goals for functionality, proving that to have an effective and comfortable home we do not have to sacrifice the look and overall feel for purpose. Looking at the room’s original state, it’s truly night and day comparison.

Miller, who had previously worked with Kitchen Concepts in 2004 on a kitchen remodel, was more than pleased with the final results.

“I find them very easy to work with. Everything is under contract and they always meet their deadlines. They are very accommodating to your schedule,” she says. “I really enjoy working with them.”