Hueston Woods: A Hidden Gem 20

Acres of Wooded Trails and Wildlife Just a Drive Away

The rainy months are almost behind us with summer peeking around the corner. If warm weather makes you want to kick off your shoes, smell the fresh air and fully immerse yourself in nature, then you’ll want to make the short trek up to Oxford, Ohio this season.

About 40 minutes outside of West Chester, tucked just around the corner from Miami University, lies a luscious and expansive haven for campers and nature enthusiasts alike.  

Hueston Woods in Oxford boasts nearly 3,000 acres of natural resources for camping, hiking, fishing, archery, canoeing, sailing, disc golf, a dog park, hunting and fossil collecting. It even has a 27-hole golf course.

Perhaps the best perk is the free admission to this state park. The forest is expansive, thick and home to looming beech and sugar maple trees.

While much of Ohio’s original forestry has been cultivated, one unique portion of primeval wood remains at Hueston Woods today. Visitors can glance at the approximately 200 virgin acres of the park that have been protected and stand the test of time.

Hueston Woods is home to 150 native bird species (including a handful of bald eagles), and an abundance of ancient marine wildlife fossils that attract avid collectors from all over the world.

The park’s 12 hiking trails range in difficulty and length. The Sycamore Trail is the easiest at 0.8 miles long. Most of the hiking trails are moderate in difficulty and range from 0.7 miles to 2.2 miles long. The Sugar Brush Trail is unique, as it includes a half mile that’s handicap accessible.

Hueston Woods also boasts long-distance trails. The Bridge Trail is a scenic 18 miles, and the Mountain Bike Trail is 20 miles in length and ranges from easy to difficult. Races are even held throughout the season on the Mountain Bike Trail.

Camping is a huge draw to the park, and there are nearly 400 campsites, including equestrian camp areas and 228 campsites that are housed with electrical outlets. 
Other features include showers, flush toilets, fire pits, free Wi-Fi access available to registered campers, large and small group camp areas and the ability to bring your pets.

Do yourself a favor and plan a getaway to this hidden gem and leave life’s daily chaos behind. Watch the sun rise over the sparkling lake, visit the beautiful covered bridge, and breathe in the fresh air.

Take a minute, and escape.