Pure Concept Salon & Spa Pampers Patron

Melody Fields hasn’t put herself on the top of her own to-do list for years. In 2017, after binging on the traditional unhealthy snacks that mark Super Bowl Sunday, Fields decided to finally put herself first. With the support of her friends and co-workers, she made some lifestyle changes that put her on a path to wellness. The team of experts at Aveda Pure Concept Salon & Spa at Liberty Center rewarded Fields’ remarkable weight loss with a much-deserved makeover.

Fields shares, “With the help and encouragement of my co-workers, I started walking every day, cut out drinking sugary sodas and counted my calories. I’ve lost 70 pounds and gone from a size 20 to a size eight. It’s a total lifestyle change.”

Fields arrived for her makeover at Aveda Pure Concept Salon & Spa with a bounce in her counted steps. This month, she will celebrate her thirtieth wedding anniversary with husband, Dave. As a mom to two adult children and assistant manager at Hannoush Jewelers, Fields is constantly on-the-go. The main goal of this makeover is to get the energetic Fields to unwind and focus on herself.

“We wanted to do a makeover for someone who truly deserves it, and especially for someone who has a story that is inspirational. Melody is the perfect fit,” shares Milly Reyna, salon manager.

Pure Concept uses Aveda hair, skin and body care products exclusively. The environmentally-friendly brand is known for its natural qualities.

“Pure Concept is all about pampering!” Reyna says with a smile.

The first stop on the magical makeover tour is to the chair of Designer Danielle Maffey. Maffey updated Fields’ hair with a warm, copper color with highlights to complement her skin tone and personality. The rich hue added luster and shine, a natural look with tinted eyebrows to match.

Next, Designer Kayla Sheffstall cut Fields’ hair into a flattering style, leaving some length in the front to allow for some swing and adding volume to the crown with layers. Simple to style, Fields’ fresh cut is sophisticated, yet suitable to her busy schedule.

“I love it!” responds Fields, turning her head from side to side.

Fields’ last stop on the trip to transformation was a makeup application. When it comes to makeup at a certain age, less is more. Front Desk Coordinator Melat Mohamoud worked from a natural palette to brighten Fields’ sparkling blue eyes and pink her cheeks. Fields especially enjoyed the defining look of the Aveda lip liner.

“It is nice to get some makeup tips,” Fields says. “I’ve never even used a lip liner before. Ever.”

Fields’ inspiring story is every woman’s story: all women deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. The pampering treatment of Pure Concept Salon & Spa brings out the best in Fields.

“That first impression you make with people is very important,” Fields shares. “I feel refreshed!”

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