May is one of my favorite months. The flowers are in bloom, the weather gets warmer, pools open, school lets out and it’s abundant with special celebrations in my family.

One of my fondest May memories was awaiting the arrival of my first child with a due date set for Mother’s Day of 2005. How perfect—my first child was to be born on the day celebrating motherhood! Of course, we all know that babies are anything but predictable.

Mother’s Day arrived, and there were no signs that my son was planning to make his entrance. My husband took me to a lovely Mother’s Day meal and gave me a beautiful gift from our unborn child with a touching note, but I quietly sobbed that I wouldn’t have my most precious Mother’s Day present that day. Two days later, our bundle of joy arrived, making me wait a full 363 days before I could celebrate my first official Mother’s Day. But, my son’s birthday (and eventually his younger brother’s as well) always felt like Mother’s Day to me because that’s the day my real present arrived. As my oldest turns 13 this month and enters his teenage years, I’ll still always think of my boys as my best Mother’s Day gifts ever.

This May we celebrate a few of the amazing women in our community. We hope you are inspired by their stories. Whether you’re a mother or a daughter—ladies, this month it’s all about you!

Michelle Moody, Publisher