Think Outside The Closet 2

West Chester resident and 13-year dad Mark Moody shares a few tips for hitting a homerun this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time to honor dads and thank them for a job well done. Looking through my closet I see an assortment of ties and t-shirts that my wife and kids have gifted me each Father’s Day over the past decade. While I greatly appreciate the gesture, I have all the “World’s Best Dad” coffee mugs that I need. So, this Father’s Day I wanted to offer a few gift ideas that your dad might enjoy—beyond the shirt, tie and coffee mug.

Special Seating. If Dad spends time watching the kids or grandkids at the ball field, gift him a comfortable chair or bleacher seat, so he can take in the game in comfort. Tip: don’t grab the first $10 seat you see; spring for something with a little more comfort.

Navigational Display. Does Dad fire up his phone to navigate to every event? If so, a heads-up display (HUD) could be the perfect gift. A HUD allows a driver to view the directions while also keeping their eyes on the road. Tip: with a wide variety of HUDs available, do a little investigation to find the perfect HUD.

Beverage Box. If Dad enjoys a cold beverage, how about a gift centered around his favorite drink? Pick up his favorite beer or liquor and pack it in a cooler. Tip: go an extra step and create custom barware or glassware.

Dad’s Day Out. Regardless of age, dads like to hang out with their bros. Most of us rely on our better half to make plans, so set Dad up for a day of fun at a Reds game with the guys, arrange for a Segway experience or even a brewery tour for him and a few friends. Tip: plan this in advance with a few of his friends’ wives so that they can all enjoy it together.

Ultimately, Dad will appreciate any heartfelt gift. Yes, even the shirts and ties. You know him best so use that knowledge to hunt for the perfect gift. And don’t be afraid to ask Dad what he’s looking for on his special day.