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Outdoor Murals Add Splashes of Color to Cityscape

As you venture outdoors this summer, don’t forget to look up and explore all that our region has to offer. Just down the road in Hamilton are many murals painted across buildings. The mural-painting non-profit StreetSpark has been brightening walls in Hamilton since 2016. They are responsible for memorializing Joe Nuxhall, a Southwest Ohio native, broadcaster and former Cincinnati Reds player, on the side of Clark’s Sporting Goods.

Mural painting requires math in addition to artistic talent because translating sketches and plans to a whole wall means creating grids that perfectly transfer proportions of the design. Especially stunning is the 3-D impact of the pitcher reaching out with a baseball in hand. Nuxhall’s pride in his upbringing and his passion for baseball make him a key figure in Hamilton, where some of his family members still call home.

  • 15 N. B Street, Hamilton
  • Lead Designer and Artist: Paul Loehle
  • Mural unveiled in 2017