Something’s cooking at MidPointe’s newest location

Patrons at Liberty Center can soon add one more item to their shopping bags: library books. MidPointe Library will open a new location at Liberty Center this fall. While MidPointe has partnered with Liberty Center for years to hold storytime programming, the new location will be its first brick-and-mortar presence. Patrons can request books from any library branch at the new location, however the main collection at Liberty Center will feature recently released books from the past few months.

With the fall cooking season upon us, MidPointe librarians highlight cookbooks that combine healthy choices, quick and easy prep, and totally delicious recipes. Reserve these cookbooks at any MidPointe Library location.

The Whole Smiths Good Food Cookbook

Melissa Smith

As fans of the Whole30 diet, Melissa Smith’s family set out to create a lifestyle that would keep Whole30 no-nos to a minimum throughout their year. As a result, her book is full of 120 Whole30-compliant recipes and some other healthy favorites that rely on wholesome food choices.

Mom’s Sugar Solution

Laura Chalela Hoover

Although baked treats (and most processed foods) taste delicious, the amount of sugar within them is enormous, so this book helps you cut back on sugar all over your menu. Not only does this cookbook help you create crave-able treats for kids and adults alike, it helps you substitute healthy alternatives for those cups of sugar. Fill lunches this fall with everything from turkey roll-ups to scrumptious cranberry walnut granola.

Food For Life

Laila Ali

Professional boxer Laila Ali shares her home-style recipes that fill you up while relying on great nutrients, promoting a satisfied stomach and a healthy body. From ratatouille to burgers, you’ll find every kind of dish in this cookbook, along with heartwarming stories from Ali’s family that will add meaning to every bite.