I love food! I know that sounds like a silly statement, but those who know me would agree that I REALLY love great food. I’m the person who will get a doggie bag even if I only have a few bites left because I don’t want to see a single bit of a delicious meal go to waste. That’s why I look forward to our annual Food and Wine issue each fall.

I also have a personal passion for charities and giving back in our local community, so when a nonprofit throws an event with amazing food, you can be sure I’ll be there. Later this month the Caring Community Collaborative (C3) will be holding their second annual Pasta with a Purpose—a chance to support a great local charity while enjoying pasta from area restaurants. Learn more about this family-friendly event and enjoy recipes from two of the participants on page XX.

I enjoy cooking, but I’m always looking for ways to make the process easier. I personally tested over a dozen new kitchen tools and gadgets to determine which ones were the new “must-haves” for home chefs. As an added bonus, we’ll be giving all of the featured items away through an online sweepstakes you can find at WestChesterandLibertyLifestyle.com.

A great glass of wine or nice cocktail is the perfect compliment to any good meal. Liberty Township resident and owner of Village Wines of Glendale, Kate Eberlein, shares her recommendations for some of her favorite wines; with half priced under $25 and half over, her picks are perfect for any budget. We also share some unique cocktail recipes that you can stir up at home.

Food trucks are nothing new to our area, but they were 10 years ago when Remi J’s first rolled into town. Learn how this entrepreneur brought great barbeque to Liberty Township. Just down the road in Liberty Township is Liberty Farm Market, a local farming collaborative that offers a one-stop organic shop.

Cheers to our annual Food and Wine Issue. Bon appétit!

Michelle Moody