Reach By Number 4

Reach Out Lakota shares the importance of community volunteers and financial donations, and their exciting plans for 2019

Right in our backyard is the 26-year-old Reach Out Lakota, an organization that is rapidly expanding its footprint with new partnerships and initiatives, all in an effort to help more families when they need a hand-up. Learn why the organization is thriving and how you can help.

500 active households

Reach Out Lakota serves over 500 households annually by offering food, clothing, school supplies and other essential items. Through required classes, each client must participate and complete a required set of hours meeting and learning from individuals in financial, insurance and other services. This helps all clients better understand the services available in our community and lay a solid foundation to build upon going forward.

$40 feeds a family

By donating just $40, Reach Out Lakota can stretch your donation to feed a family a month. Financial donations are the most cost-effective donations to Reach Out Lakota, as the organization can utilize bulk purchases and sponsorships to get the most out of your dollars. They also accept donations of clothing, shoes and household items.

3 paid employees

CEO and Executive Director J. Peyton Gravey joined the team in 2015 and directs the non-profit’s mission and vision. He works closely with Accountant Carrie Brownfield and Assistant Carol Rosequist, who are the only paid staff members of this lean organization. The additional helping hands come from hundreds of community volunteers, along with a volunteer board of directors, who donate their time and talents to help fulfill Reach Out Lakota’s programs, outreach and vision.

100% community funded

By being 100% community-based and funded, Reach Out Lakota has the unique ability to help meet families’ needs. They rely on generous donors, sponsor organizations, churches and businesses to fund the mission of Reach Out Lakota. Raising awareness of their outreach, programs and resources is a necessity to enable Reach Out Lakota to best serve those in need.



When the calendar turns to 2019, Reach Out Lakota anticipates moving forward on two new programs that are in the early planning stages. They may partner with Lakota to stock the Lakota Pantries, offering students the opportunity to access needed food or hygiene products during the school day. Eventually Reach Out Lakota hopes to have a Mobile Food Distribution Unit which will be an extension of their existing food pantry, traveling to areas in West Chester and Liberty where families may not have the necessary transportation to get to the organization’s physical building.


In addition to the new mobile distribution unit and stocking Lakota Pantries, Reach Out Lakota is also expanding their reach through innovative coffee and beer partnerships. Whether you like a cold beer or prefer a warm cup of coffee, you can help Reach Out Lakota by purchasing their specially branded beverages from DogBerry Brewing and Rooted Grounds Coffee. Find the cans of beer or packages of coffee at Jungle Jim’s or anywhere those brands are sold. Stop by DogBerry Brewing (9964 Crescent Park Drive) to try a cold Reach Out Lakota beer straight from the tap.

If you are looking to volunteer during the holiday season, Reach Out Lakota invites you to participate in their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, which provide holiday dinners to clients. It takes hundreds of volunteers to accomplish both programs, and a variety of volunteer positions are available. To learn more, go online. or