Award-winning Liberty Township author will soon have three books on the market

Eleanor Tremayne’s passion for great literature and her love of the written word propelled her to both an extensive teaching career and, now, a successful career as a novelist. She published her first book in 2017, and her writing style is a mix of genres, combining historical fiction and romance with elements of psychological fiction and mystery.

Tremayne, who published her first book at age 66, encourages everyone to pursue their dreams.

“I was older when I started writing, but I loved the first experience of receiving the final version of my first book,” Tremayne says. “When I actually pursued my dream, it was so rewarding. Never let age or anything else stand in the way of that.”

Tremayne has written a two-book series and will have a third new book released in January, which takes a bold new direction toward historical fiction.

Destiny Revisited—The story of Gabriella Girard Blair’s pursuit of what will make her ultimately fulfilled after she experiences unexpected turns in life.

Destiny Revealed—In a surreal and exciting sequel, Gabriella Girard Blair travels to Mexico, all while learning new and important truths about herself and the people for whom she cares. Destiny Revealed won the November 2018 Literary Titan Silver Book Award.

Seven Days in Lebanon—A fictionalized historical novel based on the stories of Tremayne’s grandmother, who grew up in Russia in the early 20th century and married the last Prince of Kiva. “This is kind of a legacy; I’m doing it for my grandchildren to know what life was like,” Tremayne explains. Look for the book’s release in January.

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