Four strategies for your fiscal future

As you evaluate your wellness at the start of the new year, don’t overlook your financial health. All adults can benefit from an annual financial physical. With thirteen years in the business, agent Michael Corna of American Family Insurance in West Chester offers these strategies for a hearty financial future.

1. Lock in Your Life Insurance

Don’t wait to make a security plan for your future. Lock in a rate while you are young and healthy. Consider permanent life insurance for a tax-free pay off at retirement. With a solid life insurance policy, you can provide an inheritance for your loved ones.

“It’s sad that I get many phone calls from people after they’ve received bad news—they’ve waited too long,” Corna shares. “When I go, I want to leave a legacy for my kids and grandkids.”

2. Fill the Gaps

Make sure your possessions are adequately covered, especially your home, jewelry and vehicles.

“There are a lot of sump pumps in West Chester and Liberty Township,” Corna says. “Most standard home owner policies don’t include flood coverage. It’s an endorsement that needs to be added to your policy.”        

3. Don’t be a Risk

For reduced costs, reduce risk. Do this by keeping your driving record clean, don’t allow a lapse in coverage, and make the effort to raise your credit score.

“Most companies look back five years,” says Corna.

4. Partner with a Good Company

Most importantly, find your fit with an insurance company and agent you can trust. A financial professional will provide the best continual care.

“Getting a great price is important, but so is getting great customer service,” Corna emphasizes. “An insurance policy is only as good as the company that backs it.”

Meet Michael Corna at award-winning American Family Insurance, 7237 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, West Chester.