When the spring flowers begin to bloom and the muddy winter landscape returns to a lush green, it naturally makes one start to think about the beauty of our earth. Whether you’re someone who has their own personal compost pile or considers it a “win” when you ask for your drink without a straw, there are simple changes we can all make to create a more sustainable world.

This month at West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle, we bring you our Eco issue in honor of Earth Day on April 22. Inspired by the infinite beauty of our community—and our desire to preserve and protect it—we compiled an array of eco-conscious and eco-friendly people and places making a difference locally.

From an eco-minded artist, to a restaurant that sources local and sustainable food, and a business with environmentally friendly practices, this issue is a celebration of all things Mother Nature. We share a great weekend getaway to explore all the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors at Red River Gorge and details on how to start your own monarch butterfly garden.

Whether or not you consider yourself “eco-friendly,” we hope the stories in these pages invoke feelings of gratitude for the wonderful world we live in—and the amazing people in our community who strive to sustain it.

So, enjoy this Eco issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle, and when you’re finished, you can recycle it or share with a neighbor!

Happy Spring,

Michelle Moody



Spring is in full bloom! Photography by Michelle Moody.