Locals Speak About The Special Bond Humans and Animals Share

“Over the last 35 years, working both as an assistant and then as a veterinarian, I have collected many wonderful memories regarding families and their pets. I do have the best job in the world, to witness daily the special and unique bond between humans and their pets… A pet’s unconditional love and interaction truly awaken one’s soul in a way that provides a happier and healthier life.”—Dr. Jennifer Dehnbostel, Animal Hospital of West Chester

“I waited so long to get a dog and when I finally got Oscar, he quickly became the best friend I always dreamed about.”—Caylee Rosenbeck, Lakota 8th Grader 

“My English Bulldog, Mia, was born a week before my 20th birthday. She followed me to college, law school, and now she is the resident “Attorney-at-Paw” at Lyons & Lyons Law. She’s a workaholic and loves coming into the office, and I love watching clients instantly relax and smile when they see her!”—Kara Lyons, Lyons & Lyons Law

“I believe in having an even number of pets so that each animal has a buddy to keep them company. Over the years, we have rescued many animals; we even found some on the roadside to nowhere!”—Jean Mabry, RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders

“Our dog Daisy inspired us to become foster parents to other dogs in need! We had been considering it for a while, but we were scared. Scared we would fail. Scared we wouldn’t know how. Scared of all kinds of things. Watching Daisy overcome her fear and anxiety after we adopted her moved us to get over our own fears and we became foster parents.”—Tonia Wheeler, Fetchington Pet Hotel