This month brings our special dual issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle. February is our annual Arts issue, but it’s also the time when we reveal the much-anticipated winners of our Readers’ Choice awards. So this month is twice as nice!

My love of the arts first started when my mom took me to see Annie performed live on stage when I was just five years old. A few years later, I got to live out my dream, singing and dancing as an orphan in a community theater production of my favorite musical. Now, over three decades later, I’m excited to retake the stage this year for the first time in my adult life in a local production of Annie. What makes this performance so exciting for me is that it will be my first time getting to share the stage with my son, who has inherited my love of the theater. 

The arts are abounding this month. Inside this issue, we’ll introduce you to four high school artists, preview the Lakota spring musicals and take you behind the scenes of a fantastic arts venue just a few miles away in Sharonville. 

The wait is finally over! Over 4,000 votes were cast online throughout the month of November, and our readers have made their favorites known. Flip to page x to learn which businesses won our prestigious 2019 Readers’ Choice award.

Get ready to unleash your own creativity with this month’s special dual issue. Enjoy!

Michelle Moody, Publisher

ON THE COVER:  Lakota East senior Anna French paints a masterpiece. Photography by Tanner Gagliardo.