Girls Run The World

Since 2009, Mary Gaertner has worked for the Cincinnati chapter of Girls on the Run, a running program that inspires young girls to recognize their inner strength and celebrate what makes them one of a kind. Gaertner has seen many girls participate in the unique program, and at the finish line of each season’s 5k race, she always sees something…

Illuminate The Night

Spring is here and summer is near which means it’s time to gather all of your outdoor entertaining gear. As warmer temperatures roll in and parties on the patio begin, we often think about tables, chairs, grills and more. It’s easy to forget about the one thing that keeps the party going: outdoor lights.

Put A Spring In Your Step

Dr. Kristin Titko is a local podiatrist with more than 20 years of experience in foot and ankle medical treatment and surgery. She followed in her podiatrist father’s footsteps to become one of Greater Cincinnati’s most trusted specialists. She celebrates two years of practice in Liberty Township this month.

The Salsa Guy

What do math and salsa have in common? Lakota teacher and salsa aficionado—Kevin Carlin. You may know him as The Salsa Guy. During the school year, Kevin enjoys his job as a Lakota East math teacher. When summer break begins, his alter ego emerges as he transforms into The Salas Guy, creating fresh salsas to sell at the West Chester…

The Art Of Furniture

Walk into BOVA Contemporary Furniture and your eyes are immediately met with an elegantly lit, open showroom with cool colors and unique designs. BOVA offers unique, high-quality designs at attractive prices. From the subtle to the edgy, the large Deerfield Township showroom caters to a variety of tastes. Trendy sofas, sleek accent tables and modern beds are featured throughout the…

Complete Kitchen Makeover

Step into George and Carol Hilliard’s new Liberty Township kitchen and you’ll feel like you’re walking into the pages of Better Homes & Gardens. Sleek white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances have transformed this kitchen from a small, dark space into a brand new, wide open and functional beauty.

A New View

A typical two-story, four-bedroom home has more than 20 windows. That much light pouring into a house can be a bright and beautiful thing, but it can also mean less privacy, faded floors and furniture and glares when you’re trying to watch TV.

Pillars of Support

The success of any construction project is based upon the strength of its supports. One local nonprofit is in the business of building pillars of support around low-income families in Butler County. By partnering with volunteers to make home repairs, Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families (SELF) builds up economically challenged families to withstand the storms of life.

Happy Tails Of West Chester & Liberty Township

People love their pets. We asked readers to submit photos of their pets and expected to receive a small handful of cats and dogs. We never expected the overwhelming response of more than 60 submissions of cats, dogs, birds and rabbits. Thank you to the community of West Chester & Liberty Township for loving your animals! To ease into our…

A Furry Love For All

Roses are red, violets are blue, and homeless animals need love too. As you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, one local organization wants you to consider sharing love with a new furry friend. My Furry Valentine is a Cincinnati non-profit organization that hosts an annual mega adoption event each February with the goal of uniting potential pet owners with adoptable…

Swim Like A Fish

If you don’t own a pet goldfish, at least your kids can swim like one. Goldfish Swim School is open in West Chester and this impressive local business is going swimmingly. Goldfish Swim School Owners Mandy and Joe Yackey jumped into our community with both feet to meet their goal–to be the best at what they do. Providing year-round swim…

Lovable Patients

Most of us know that chocolate is off limits to dogs; however, did you know about these other common food and beverage items that shouldn’t be eaten by your pet? Animal Hospital of West Chester shares the top human foods that cats and dogs shouldn’t touch (this list is not all-inclusive).

Habitat For Healing

If healing is an art, the artist is Jamestowne, the brand new rehabilitation facility for inpatient and outpatient therapy in nearby Hamilton. The rock and glass structure features five-star accommodations, but it is all about healing with comfort and quality of care.

The Iron Woman

Heroes come in many different packages with many different messages. One local West Chester woman is heroism personified. She is powerful, smart, determined and full of compassion. Meet Renee Zegar, West Chester’s very own “Iron Woman.”

Hands Against Hunger

If you’re looking for a way to accomplish that New Year’s resolution to make a difference, look no further. Down the road in Sharonville, a local non-profit organization offers a chance to do just that. A Child’s Hope International (ACHI) seeks to mobilize the community to help care for vulnerable children around the world by sending them healthy meals and…

A Yuletide Interior Guide

It’s no secret: although the Christmas season is deemed to be the most wonderful time of the year, it tends to sneak up on us and bring even more busyness into our lives. Parties are hosted, gifts are opened and each year we hope to leave a lasting impression on our holiday guests. From wreathes with bows to trees that…

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, you don’t need to travel far to find a unique gift for the special people in your life. We’re fortunate to have a variety of locally owned businesses in town, overflowing with items that are perfect for gift-giving. Scroll through our gift guide to get inspired. A visit to these nearby shoppes will reveal even more fabulous…

Add Tick Tock to Your Clock

In this “most wonderful time of the year,” 24 hours and two hands simply aren’t enough. Providing concierge and personal assistance services to households and small businesses, Cincy Concierge chases down even the most daunting tasks on your to-do list. The innovative brainchild of owner and founder Trip Topken, Cincy Concierge’s Santa bag is brimming with the gift we all…

Remembering A Hero

Corey Hood loved jumping out of airplanes. After serving five tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan with the 82nd and 101st Airborne, Hood, a Lakota West High School graduate, was selected to join the Golden Knights, the United States Army’s elite demonstration and competition parachute team.

A Voice For Veterans

For veterans, coming home after serving in the military or fighting in a war can be daunting. Re-entering civilian life and catching up on life’s missed events is challenging in itself, but adding an injury or financial hardship to the mix can make the adjustment that much more difficult.

Hamilton: A Hidden Gem

Hamilton celebrates a big anniversary this year—our neighboring city is turning 225. The second largest city in southwestern Ohio, Hamilton has the vibrant feel of a historical downtown, without all of the trappings of a trek into Cincinnati. Like the popular musical that shares its name, Hamilton is taking center stage in the landscape of the northern suburbs.

Marriage Milestones

When we think of weddings we often limit our thoughts to white gowns, tuxedos, flowers and dancing. Though it is a celebration, a wedding represents something beyond a single event. When the images of cakes and candlelight fade and all of the guests have returned to their homes, the one thing that remains is the unconditional love that exists between…

40 Years Of Growth

The Chamber Alliance has grown from a small group of 12 businessmen in the mid 1970’s, to the region’s third largest Chamber with about 750 member businesses. Its mission is to help establish West Chester and Liberty Townships as the region’s business epicenter. As more businesses begin to call West Chester and Liberty “home,” The Chamber Alliance has been working…

Sipping Success

Every glass of wine tells a story. In each sip is contained a history, a geology, a region. Each bottle tells its own tale. At Village Wines of Glendale, owner and Liberty Township resident Kate Eberlein brings these stories to life. Eberlein’s story of how she came to love wine and own the shop at 23 Village Square—a building that…

A Handcrafted Culinary Experience

Picture this: as you push through a wooden door, you are greeted by a warmly lit dining room complete with a rustic fireplace. Another door leads to a bright garden patio with glowing string lights hanging above. You hear clinking glasses as a bottle of wine is being poured and the scent of fresh soup, made from scratch, drifts in…

From the Kitchen Of…

Do you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and stirring up delicious dishes when you have the time? Or perhaps you see cooking as a necessary evil that you try to tackle as quickly as possible. Whether you’re a passionate cooking enthusiast or just trying to get food on the table in the most efficient way, you’ll appreciate these field-tested cooking…

Emotion in Motion

Dancer Robert Weatherington defies gravity. As if he has springs in his feet, he glides through the air in a nimble leap, touches his hands to his pointed toes, and softly lands with a satisfied smile. Even his attitude defies gravity. Despite the obstacles that life delivers, nothing seems to bring this talented young man down.

POP Into the Art Revolution

You may think that if you want to get a taste of art you have to travel to downtown Cincinnati and beyond; however, one local business is bringing that experience close to home. Tucked behind the walls of a quaint storefront on East Main Street in Mason, lies one of the area's best kept secrets: POP Revolution. Upon entering, visitors…


Art, in its many forms and expressions, exists in every community and culture. From the days of etchings in caves and on rock, humans have tried to express the things of value, the things that are thoughtful, and the things that escape words through an artistic medium. French artist Henri Matisse proclaimed that “creativity takes courage,” and there is no…

Generation Gap Trap

If it were an illness, it would be an epidemic. If it were a storm, it would be a tsunami. If it were a flood, we would be building an ark. Today, ten thousand baby boomers will turn sixty-five. Another ten thousand will cross the line tomorrow, and the trend will continue every single day until the year 2030. The…

No Place Like Home

It’s just like any other home on the block. The homeowner is working in the yard, watering flowers and plucking weeds. Someone’s in the kitchen, making a fresh pot of coffee. In the living room, a couple watches the news on television. Through the sliding glass door, you’ll see a woman enjoying the view of birds and trees from the…

Open Door to Opportunity

It’s all about sustainability—a sustainable future for the youth and families of West Chester and Liberty Township. The Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty is working toward that overall goal in their newly launched Blue Door Campaign.

Destination: Yellow Springs

Summertime calls for a classic road trip—sunglasses on, windows rolled down and radio volume cranked up. Enjoy a one-hour ride through suburban landscapes that give way to rolling, rural back roads to make a stop in the village of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

New Team in Town

Tens of thousands of sports fans recently packed a Cincinnati stadium. The crowd, dressed from head to toe in orange jerseys and scarves, was there to cheer on the hometown squad against their rivals out of Pittsburgh. Before you shout, “Who Dey!” you should know the contest at hand wasn’t a violent AFC North battle between the Steelers and the…

Picnic Paradise

When packing your basket, keep it simple–the best picnic foods are easy to prepare and easy to eat. Find recipes for delicious picnic foods in the fresh, gourmet style of Cozy’s Cottage in Culinary Creations, page 24.

Grilling 101

You know the smell. It’s intoxicating. Crisp, gray charcoal burns on the grill as the sweet scent of marinated, sizzling chicken wafts through the evening air. Warm, inviting smoke rises through the sky like a balloon. You’re wrapped up in the vapors like a blanket. In the background you can smell fresh cut grass, kids lathered in sunscreen, and perhaps…

Safe Families for Children

Every day there are households of all varieties living in crisis. Even in flourishing suburban communities like West Chester and Liberty, there exist families who are overwhelmed by desperate situations. Not everyone has access to family members or friends on which they can depend when life is at an impasse.

BMW 528i with xDrive

Sometimes my wife and I don’t see eye to eye. Such is the case when it comes to automobiles. To her, a car is just a mode of transportation—a way to get from point A to point B. To me, a car is not just a way to get down the road, but rather a vehicle for excitement. I love…

Inspiring Strength

Robbin Coffman lets out a quiet, modest laugh when told she is going to be part of this month’s issue of inspirational women. She doesn’t see herself as an inspiration, nor does she acknowledge what she does is courageous. From any outsider’s perspective, Coffman is living proof that strength and bravery often appear during tragedies. From her own perspective, she’s…

Making Waves

If you’re keeping an eye out for this “Woman to Watch,” you’re most likely to spot Abbey Cramer poolside donning a whistle or stopwatch around her neck. She is no stranger to water or tough competition, and spends much of her time on a pool deck, motivating the young, promising swimmers of our community.

Guide for Girls

Most of us remember what it was like in high school—crowded hallways, a ton of homework and extracurricular activities that kept us from finishing that homework until late at night. Erinn Aulfinger, a junior at Lakota East High School, has the best of both worlds; she loves learning and exceeding expectations in extracurriculars.

Time to Get Away

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you.” -Anne Lamott “When all else fails, take a vacation.” -Betty Williams “A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” -Robert Orben “A wise man travels to discover himself”. -James Russell Lowell

Sail Away

You deserve a vacation! According to the International Vacation Deprivation Study, over 30 percent of Americans do not take a vacation at all. Research shows that vacations are beneficial to the health of the individual, the productivity of companies and the vigor of the American economy. Vacations refresh and renew our spirits at work and at home.

Room for Rent

Bed and breakfasts have their roots in colonial America, when travel was harsh and lodgings were scarce. In the centuries that followed the first B&Bs, pop culture has had some fun with them in road trip comedies and romantic films. Silver screen B&Bs are always the same: old, out-of-the-way homes owned by elderly kooks with an affinity for ceramic knick-knacks…

Open-Air Living

Outdoor living has come a long way from the patch of grass and picnic table of the 1950s. For the same cost as a vacation, you can transform your yard into an additional living space—a relaxing refuge from the stresses of daily life. With outdoor rooms, you can open your back door to a mini-vacation every day. Start planning your…

Kitchen Trends

“How did everybody end up in my kitchen?” reads a small sign in the showroom of Neal’s Design Remodel. It’s a familiar sentiment for those who entertain, and a large influence on the homeowners who decide it's time for a kitchen remodel. “Food brings people together,” says Leanne Matthews, Marketing Manager at Neal’s, a design-build remodeling contractor. “It slows the…

Coming Home to Carriage Hill

Randy Terry has been coming home to Carriage Hill for over thirty years. It wasn’t always called Carriage Hill, but it has always been a beautiful plot of land with rolling hills, mature trees and winding streams. As Developers, the Terry family has carefully maintained the integrity of the land, sharing this peaceful country estate with its new residents in…

State-of-the-Art Safety

The statistics are alarming and may shock you. There are about two million home burglaries in the United States every year, a number that amounts to a home intrusion every 13 seconds. The highest percentage of burglaries occurs during the spring and summer months. The average loss per break in is about $2,200; the loss of security and peace of…

Family Law

Think of all that has changed in West Chester and Liberty Township over the last thirty years. The farms gave way to homes, turning the rural landscape to a series of well-kept, family-friendly subdivisions. One large high school budded into two. The Union Centre exit in West Chester brought commerce and development to the area. Recently, Liberty Center has made…

Fearless Flyer

It all started on the swing set at Kate Telles’ preschool—she was three. Diana Telles, Kate’s mother, received a concerned call from the teacher, telling her how high Kate would swing and then dangerously jump from the seat. “But she could land it!” Diana declares. Mom wasn't worried. Kate has always been an adrenaline junkie. Given her history, it’s not…