The Heart of 
the Holiday.

December has arrived! You may read those words with excitement as you look forward to holiday traditions, spending time with family and hopefully taking a few days off from work. Or you might read those words with dread, as you worry and stress over the myriad of tasks that still need to be accomplished before the holidays arrive.

Celebrity Waiters Serve Community

Reach Out Lakota's celebrity waiters served up a spectacular evening of good eats and generosity, raising funds to assist Lakota School District families in need. The 4th annual event was held at West Chester's Savannah Center in October. Celebrity waiters included news anchors, former professional athletes and local government leaders.

Halloween Extravaganza

There were no tricks, just treats at the 7th annual Halloween Extravaganza at West Chester Family Dentistry. Highlights included games, door prizes, free food and drinks, a chili cook-off contest, a costume contest, goodie bags, a fire safe house and even a chance to pet a real alligator.

December 2015 Around Town

For 95 years, Welling & Co. Jewelers has been one of the most trusted names in West Chester for jewelry and gifts for all occasions. On November 24, they closed the doors on their VOA Plaza location and will soon relocate and reopen in a stunning new spot in Olde West Chester. The new location boasts a beautiful, modern-feeling display…

Deck the Halls

Helen Wright is an interior designer and the owner of Interiors Plus, a 5,000 square foot home décor emporium in Mason. Interiors Plus offers furniture, rugs, art and fabric fit for any time of year. You can check out the holiday décor collection and peruse Wright's portfolio, both in the showroom and online.

Meet Alexa

Meet the newest member of our family, Alexa. She’s not a baby, nor a pet. Alexa is our Amazon Echo, a cloud-based, voice-activated, Bluetooth speaker. She is definitely the only one in the family that answers my every beck and call.

Sweet & Savory

Lindsey Cook and Annie Esposito are more than the chefs for The Jaded Fork. They are also the business managers, promoters and visionaries for the business. Owning their own catering company means they have to wear more hats than just the tall, white chef’s hats—Cook and Esposito get to wear all of the hats—and that’s the way they like it.


While Christmas carols claim it is “the most wonderful time of the year,” for some, the holidays can feel like the most draining time of the year. There never seem to be enough hours in each day. Calendars fill up with too many concerts, parties and stressful family and work gatherings. December is the perfect time to pack your bags…

Go-To Breakfast Buns

The Jaded Fork business isn’t the only new development in Esposito’s life; her second son was born just two months ago. “Annie came back to work three days after he was born,” Cook shares. “She had her baby strapped to her chest, rolling bread. I told her, ‘You’re getting dough on your child’s head!’ Annie just said, ‘He’s fine!’

Holidays in the Hospital

There’s no good time for a child to be sick, but during the holidays is an especially bad time. It’s a good thing that nearly every day can feel like a holiday when surrounded by the cheerful elves of the Division of Child Life at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC).

Soup for the Season

This savory soup is great for holiday entertaining! The ingredients are all fall friendly, hearty and warming. Garnishing the soup can be fun and fancy; use toasted squash seeds, an herb-infused oil, sour cream or croutons for textural variations and pops of color.

Family Trees

Christmas tree farms are magical. We go to sleep on a November night, all snug in our beds, and the next morning, as if by magic, gorgeous green trees are neatly arranged, ready to be chosen and cherished, decorated and loved. But don’t try to sell the people at West Chester’s Station Road Farm on all this wonder talk: they…

Gifts of 
the Season

He was just four when he spotted it. It was like in the comics, when the bubble over a character’s head gets filled with a brightly lit bulb. It was one of those “Aha!” moments mamas love to witness, but I was distracted, digging in my bottomless purse for the keys to the minivan.