There’s a Place for Everyone at New Liberty Center

Every community needs a hub. Every city, town and hamlet needs a place where people meet to laugh, work and break bread. Every neighborhood needs a memory-maker, a setting for new friendships, first kisses and family traditions. Liberty Center, the new multi-use shopping, retail and entertainment complex in Liberty Township, promises to be such a place.

Liberty Center isn’t a shopping mall where people gather; it’s a gathering place where people shop.

Between anchor tenants Dillard’s and DICK’s Sporting Goods is a spacious open area appropriately named The Living Room. This space is built for comfort, featuring a welcoming array of seating, a red brick fireplace and wooden columns that recall a finished basement. It feels like home. A cozy spot for mobile professionals, informal meetings and Internet dates, The Living Room is the welcoming core of Liberty Center’s indoor experience.

Contemporary clothing stores take residence on either side of a wide hall designed and decorated to evoke the foundries of yesteryear. The hall acts as a conduit between past and future, connecting the traditional, indoor mall with Liberty Center’s modern, outdoor plaza.

The heartbeat of the open-air experience is an immaculate green space called The Park. This place, too, is a community builder. There’s plenty of room for children to play on the lawn or in a pair of interactive fountains as their parents chat on the sidelines. In the wintertime, generations of families will gather here, their mittened hands wrapped around steaming cups of hot cocoa, as the annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony brings the season’s wonder to life.

A short walk west from The Park is The Square, a second outdoor space nestled between a slew of diverse restaurants, a huge movie theater and a state-of-the-art hotel. While The Park is designed for guests with children, The Square has more versatility. There you will find activities and games for all ages by day, and concerts and other grown-up fare by night.

Liberty Center is growing the community with a pair of five-story apartment buildings, each with its own flair. The architecture and color of The Grant pays homage to Charleston’s Rainbow Row, while The Fillmore is an impressive cosmopolitan structure that would feel right at home in a bustling metropolis. Apartment sizes range from one to three-bedroom units to accommodate various lifestyles. Occupancy begins early next year.

The Offices at Liberty Center make for a unique spot for businesses to call home. With a plethora of places to take lunch breaks, entertain clients and hold team outings, employees in The Offices are bound to be some of the happiest in the region.

The future of Liberty Center promises to bring even more community connection. In addition to more retail and dining options, a chapel and an event hall are in the works. Conceivably, Liberty Center could serve as the backdrop for a couple’s first date, wedding ceremony and reception. That’s what makes this spot so unique—it’s not designed for shopping; it’s designed for life.

Liberty Center is more than a place to buy a stylish scarf or grab dinner and see a show. It’s greater than the sum of its parts. Liberty Center is a community nucleus, a place for people to come together for the sake of coming together.