Six Steps to Sold

Hoping to spring out of your home this season? With more than fifteen years of experience, Scot Avery, local Real Estate expert with Huff Realty, knows exactly what you need to do.

In his 15 years of experience, Avery has been listening closely to buyers’ comments as they view homes for sale. He sees firsthand what catches their attention—both positive and negative. Follow his simple tips to make sure your house stands out this spring.

1. Get Professional Help

Avery advises that the first thing you should do when you are thinking about putting your home on the market is find an expert you can trust.

“Get a professional opinion—somebody who knows what they’re talking about, who’s got a lot of experience and a lot of success. Have them walk through your house and tell you what to do,” he says.

2. Curb Appeal Counts

Look at your house as if you are seeing it for the first time. Remove yourself emotionally and make a list of what needs to be fixed and polished.

“A buyer often gets to a house for a showing before the agent,” Avery says. “They’re sitting outside the house, just looking at it while they are waiting to go inside.”

Make sure your first impression is positive and inviting—make your porch, stoop and entry shine. Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door and shutters. Make sure the door lock functions smoothly.

“A fresh layer of mulch is inexpensive and easy to do; it makes a world of difference,” Avery advises.

3. Go with the Flow

Avery says that for many home buyers, the first walk through is “all about the floor plan and the flow.”

Give each room a clear and single purpose. Declutter your living spaces. Let your living room be a living room—not a living room with an office and a dining area. Avery suggests removing any furniture that stops the flow of your house as you walk through.

“Use a neighbor’s garage or rent a storage unit to store your auxiliary stuff,” Avery says. “It will be worth it when your house sells sooner.”

4. Lighten Up

This is no time to think about your electric bill.

“When you have a showing, it’s important to have all of your lights on. Light is flattering,” Avery says. If you have any dark corners, he suggests accent lighting.

Let the springtime sunshine in! Clean your windows and open the curtains and shades.

5. Simplify & Organize

“Buyers want to buy a house from someone who is clean and organized,” Avery notes.

“Make your closets look like The Gap and your pantry look like the shelves of a grocery store.”

Clear your tabletops, counters and even walls.

“You don’t want anything polarizing on display,” Avery says. “Pack away religious and political items.”

6. Make Small Investments for a Big Impact

Meet with your realtor before you start spending. An experienced realtor will guide you to spend minimal money for big impact to sell your home.

“Before you spend a dime, make sure you are going to get that dime back,” Avery says.

“A big impact, for a small investment is paint. Nothing goes farther. You can completely change a room for $25,” says Avery. “Young buyers seem to be attracted to pale grays, while Empty Nesters prefer earth tones.”

New or freshly cleaned flooring can transform a space. Steam clean carpets or even replace them if your realtor advises it. Put away your rugs to show off your wood floors.

Update your kitchen and baths with inexpensive upgrades.

“Get rid of the brass hardware and dated fixtures. Replace knobs, faucets and light fixtures,” counsels Avery.

With Avery’s toolbox of tips, you may not have to open your actual toolbox—and maybe not even your wallet. Start packing!