Pioneer in Philanthropy

Erin Clemons Leads the Way for a New 
Generation of Givers

Within moments of connecting with Erin Clemons, President and CEO of The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty, you can’t help but feel she is a person that you would like to get to know. She is personable and gracious, humbly pointing the spotlight away from herself and onto others. Her leadership style fits like hand-in-glove to an organization that strives to support and improve the quality of life in the community.

Clemons has a clear vision. She believes in this community and its growth and success are very important to her.

“I have lived in West Chester, Ohio nearly all my life. I have watched the communities of West Chester and Liberty Township grow and blossom over the years,” she says.

Clemons believes in The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty. A community foundation typically provides services to donors, nonprofits and the community. It provides ways for donors to improve the community immediately through specific programming. It also plays a significant role in building the framework for a future through the development of a community vision and investing in the skills and growth of the next generation.

The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty was founded about sixteen years ago under the leadership of Patti Alderson. The Foundation holds assets of over $12 million dollars. It serves more than 175 community funds, has started several programs for children in the community like the Community Cares Program and the Youth in Philanthropy program, and has awarded more than $6.5 million dollars to the community.

“The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty is here to provide leadership and knowledge in the community on philanthropic needs,” Clemons says. “We are able to provide leadership in many aspects of community life.”

One of the Foundation’s premier events is a fundraiser, The Shamrock Shuffle.

Clemons says, “Last year at the event, we raised almost $70,000 and had about 4,500 participants.”

Nearly 50 charity teams registered through the Shuffle Gives-Back program, a program that allows a team’s charity to receive grants from the foundation.

“Through this program, the charity teams received more than $30,000 in grants,” Clemons explains. “Participants who select a charity team to run/walk for make up 50% of our registrations. This is a great way to get the community behind many different worthy causes.”

She believes in the incredible role that women play in their careers, the community and within the home. Clemons is a new mother and admits to having “new mommy moments,” but stays impassioned and dedicated to the needs that are in front of her. While there is no doubt that being a working mother can at times “be challenging,” Clemons confesses that it is really a balancing act.

“We work hard in our careers, providing for and spending time with our families, and keeping a household.” Does she have any advice to the woman trying to juggle a career and a home? “Prioritize your life, enjoy your children, and stick to a schedule as much as possible. And if you manage to find free time for mom in the schedule, go for a run, ride or whatever you may enjoy doing to relax.”

Clemons shares her ambition to stir the passion in others. With experience as a staff member and field representative for Congressman John Boehner’s office from 2007 to 2014, Clemons learned the skills of motivating and communicating with the community. She served first with the Foundation as Vice President of Development and Donor Relations. She speaks about the Foundation with pride; her eyes view the community with compassion.

Clemons leads West Chester and Liberty Township with a clear vision and contagious passion.

Clemons reflects, “As a young professional, I am able to incorporate new trends in giving and reach out to a new generation of philanthropists. The Community Foundation is dedicated to helping people on their path to philanthropy.”