One of the guys. 2

I grew up in a home with all women, but now I am outnumbered in my household by three to one. Today, I am the sole female in our home.

When my boys were younger, I grew hoarse from trying to get them to sit still. I got frustrated with attempts to stop the symphony of bodily noises at the dinner table. I started to wonder if it was possible for a pair of pants to last more than a month without getting a hole in the knee (the answer is “no”). But I’ve learned to appreciate what makes my family of guys different from me and embrace their energetic masculinity.

Being in a family of all males has had its advantages. I can throw a football in a perfect spiral and I’m starting to appreciate video games. I get eager with anticipation of each new Star Wars film and I love to explore in the woods (I don’t even care if I get muddy anymore). Now I feel like I’m just one of the guys.

This June issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is dedicated to the men in our lives and is packed full of stories our male readers are sure to enjoy. This month we’ll teach you how to be king of the grill and shop for a family car that will still give you a rush of adrenaline. We’ll introduce you to men in our community from Welling & Co. Jewelers, Liberty Center and one of our own talented photographers for West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle.

So take a break from mowing the lawn, grab your favorite beverage and spend some time diving into our Men’s issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle.

Michelle Moody, Publisher

May Issue Correction

Our May cover featured six women in our community who inspire us. Unfortunately, the mailing label was positioned so that it covered up one of our inspiring entrepreneurs, owner of Cozy’s Cottage, Jan Collins. We apologize for the placement of the mailing label. Here is the image we intended to feature.