Warmer Weather Invites More Nights On The Patio

Spring is here and summer is near which means it’s time to gather all of your outdoor entertaining gear. As warmer temperatures roll in and parties on the patio begin, we often think about tables, chairs, grills and more. It’s easy to forget about the one thing that keeps the party going: outdoor lights.

“Outdoor lighting is more important than decorative holiday lighting. When the right styles are selected, all of these [lights can be] utilized year-round and not for just one month, making it a much more useful investment,” explains Aaron Hilliard of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers each client full service lighting possibilities, whether commercial or residential, including maintenance on existing lighting. If you’re a visual person and want to see the lights in action before purchasing, no problem. One unique service Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers is the “night time preview,” which pairs clients with a light designer who will visit the home and set up a temporary lighting system, giving clients a real-time sample of what the finished product can look like.

“Our customers for over 20 years have told us that the preview helped them immensely with making decisions with what to light at their home, and because of that the preview will always be a core value of our company,” Hilliard says.

Every home’s lighting needs are unique and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives works to cater to each home’s individual design. From architectural to garden lighting, outdoor living to café lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has all of the technical expertise, including smart home integration, and creative savvy to make sure your home is bright and cozy for every evening soiree.

So, what are some things that you can do to spruce up your outdoor living space? Utilizing classic fixtures that you may already have in your home, such as lamp posts, front door lights and string lights can add an extra design element when used properly

Avoid lamp post lights, unless you need the lighting at your driveway entrance, as they can distract from landscaping lighting. Always use your front door lighting, preferably with lower wattage bulbs that give a softer appearance and avoid overpowering other outdoor lighting elements. When stringing the now-popular café lights, avoid mounting them too low or using too many.

“It doesn’t take a lot of cafe lights to add a nice glow to your outdoor patio,” Hilliard explains. “Keep the design simple or the lights will look busy and distract the eye from your beautiful patio.”

Don’t let your patio go to waste. Just a few lighting changes or additions can help you light up the night this spring and summer.

For additional lighting information and consultation, call or go online to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. PreviewTheNight.com 513.813.5543