The Capital Grille Captures The Essence Of Fine Dining

When you enter the Capital Grille, everything is balanced: burgundy tones on the chairs and booths are counterpointed with dark wood walls. Beautiful portraits of local Cincinnati leaders mingle with classic hunting scenes below low golden lamps. Clean white tablecloths lay across every table and a soft, yet upbeat hum of jazz music can be heard from every corner. You feel an ambiance of elegant history when first entering. Then, the glass windows surrounding the modern open-floorplan of the kitchen hint at what is to come.

The details and balance do not stop with the décor; the food—from the succulent soups and appetizers to the decadent, macaroon-crusted coconut cream cake—is deliciously detailed As a server comes by, you can smell the citrus wafting off a house-made grapefruit soda or a frosty glass of mint lemonade. While no details are left untouched, it’s obvious the focus is on the steak. The Capital Grille dry-ages its steaks right on-site—a unique feature that’s accented with deep flavors like their signature 15-year aged balsamic vinegar.

Just around the corner from the kitchen, the main seating area also showcases the wine vault. Its clear walls give guests the perfect view of the many rows of bottles that make up the 300 varieties available from the Capital Grille’s sommelier. Inside three private dining areas guests can host private business luncheons, rehearsal dinners, birthdays or presentations, all with the attentive service for which the Capital Grille is known. Whether business or pleasure, the Capital Grille offers a delectable menu combined with service that leaves you needing nothing else… except maybe one more bite of dessert.