Twice as Nice

This month brings our special dual issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle. February is our annual Arts issue, but it’s also the time when we reveal the much-anticipated winners of our Readers’ Choice awards. So this month is twice as nice! My love of the arts first started when my mom took me to … Continued

Have a Healthy 2020

As we begin 2020, a new decade, we set goals for what we want our future selves to be like and look like. We take a glance back at where we have been and what we have done, and we try to remember to extend ourselves grace.  This issue is focused on ways we can … Continued

Home for the Holidays

I love to travel! I try to plan a little trip every other month so I can get out and explore new places. But once I had kids, I implemented a strict policy of staying put and enjoying the holidays at home. There is something special about waking up in our own beds on Christmas … Continued

Thank You for Four Great Years

As November rolls around, we enter a season of Thanksgiving. This is a time to reflect on all that we’re grateful for and remember our accomplishments of the past year. Each November we also celebrate the anniversary of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle, and today we are thrilled to recognize our fourth anniversary. I want … Continued

A Slice of Comfort

Are you hungry? We’re sure you will be when you read—or should we say devour—this issue, the most drool-worthy one of the year: the annual food and wine issue. We spent the last few months scouring the streets in search of the most delectable bites West Chester and Liberty Township have to offer. This year … Continued

Gala Season

Fall is the unofficial “gala season” for our region, with an event for a different charity almost every weekend. Each festive affair is a major fundraiser for a worthwhile beneficiary and a great opportunity for a special night out with members of our community. Many of these parties request specific attire, whether it’s black-tie formal … Continued

Kids and Pets 

For many of us, August is a bittersweet turning point in the calendar year. Summer is drawing to a close, and the school bells will be ringing any day now. While the lazy days of sipping cool beverages poolside may be numbered, this month brings a sense of renewal. New routines, new clothes and new … Continued

Making Summer Memories

Summer evokes fond memories of my childhood—sleepaway camps, our annual family vacation and neighborhood games of kickball and tag that lasted until long after the sun went down. Now I work to build new summertime memories with my children, which I hope they’ll look back on fondly when they’re adults. In this issue of ​West Chester … Continued

Cheers to the Guys

Okay, gentlemen, it’s your turn. Last month was our annual “Women’s” issue and this month, we present our annual issue for the guys. Each June we spotlight men in our community doing amazing things, often seeking out locals whose names you may not have heard before. However, this year we changed things up and spoke … Continued

Leading Ladies of West Chester and Liberty.

May brings the end of the school year, the opening of pools for the summer, Mother’s Day and of course—our annual women’s issue! This issue serves to recognize the powerful role women have in our community and beyond. (And don’t worry, gentlemen; you’ll have your moment next month.) Oprah Winfrey has said, “I’ve come to … Continued

Sustainability For Spring.

When the spring flowers begin to bloom and the muddy winter landscape returns to a lush green, it naturally makes one start to think about the beauty of our earth. Whether you’re someone who has their own personal compost pile or considers it a “win” when you ask for your drink without a straw, there … Continued

Home Is Where The Heart Is.

“Home is where the heart is.” It’s a common phrase we’ve all heard, but if you stop to think about it, there’s quite a bit of truth to those six words. Our homes are a central place in our lives—where we rest our heads, nourish our bodies and make fond memories with loved ones. It’s … Continued

Double Feature.

This month we bring you the first ever dual issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle. February is our annual Arts issue, but it’s also time to reveal our Readers’ Choice winners. So, this month we have a packed, double issue for our readers. I’ve always loved the arts, and I’m excited to see that … Continued

Bring On The New Year.

January marks the beginning of not only a new calendar year, but also the opportunity for setting personal goals. Perhaps you’ve resolved to exercise more regularly, take up a new hobby or volunteer for a local organization. Whatever your goals may be, we hope the people, businesses and even pets featured in this issue will … Continued

Happy Holidays To All

I love this time of year! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Pancha Ganapati, the new year, or any other holiday, you can’t help but feel the excitement that the magic of December brings. This issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is packed with ways to make your holiday merry and bright. Interiors Plus … Continued

Living the dream.

It was exactly three years ago when the first issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle arrived in homes. When I was in high school, I was editor of our school’s newspaper and dreamed of one day being a professional writer, but I never imagined I would have my own magazine. As I reflect on … Continued

Food, Glorious Food!

I love food! I know that sounds like a silly statement, but those who know me would agree that I REALLY love great food. I’m the person who will get a doggie bag even if I only have a few bites left because I don’t want to see a single bit of a delicious meal … Continued

Lights, Camera, Fashion.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it also takes a village to assemble our annual fall fashion issue. Our fashion spreads this month couldn’t have been possible without the help from many people, so I’d like to take a moment to thank them. The Clothes: It’s challenging to assemble a … Continued

Two legs or four?

Whether you have children at home at or not, it’s hard to escape the constant reminders that back-to-school is right around the corner. For many of our readers, the nest is empty of kids and full of fur- or feather-covered children. So, we’ve come up with the perfect compromise this August—our first combined “Pets and … Continued

Sweet Summertime

Summer is in full swing, and Cincinnati is overflowing with outdoor activities to fill the long July days. This month’s issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is packed with ideas for how to get more enjoyment out of your summer. Over the past three years we’ve had a lot of amazing and memorable photo … Continued

Let’s Hear It For The Guys.

June is known for long summer nights, vacations, weddings, baseball . . . and of course, Father’s Day. In honor of this special holiday, we turn our attention to the men this month with an issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle that’s all about guys. This month you’ll meet six upstanding local men, several … Continued

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

May is one of my favorite months. The flowers are in bloom, the weather gets warmer, pools open, school lets out and it’s abundant with special celebrations in my family. One of my fondest May memories was awaiting the arrival of my first child with a due date set for Mother’s Day of 2005. How … Continued

Spring is in bloom!

April is Earth month, so this issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is packed with stories that celebrate nature and opportunities to step outdoors.

There’s No Place Like Home.

Whether you’re living in your dream home or dreaming of its potential, our home is our oasis. Our annual “Homes” issue is packed full of ideas to inspire you to spruce up your space.

Cultivating Creativity.

February weather often has us stuck inside, going a little stir-crazy as we eagerly await spring. So this month we’ve come up with some new ways to help you pass the time indoors by cultivating creativity.

New Year, New Look.

As we head into a new year, you’ll notice that West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle has a new look. We’ve switched our cover to a beautiful soft matte and modernized many of the editorial sections inside. You’ll still find the same great stories and photography you’ve come to expect every month, but in a more polished package.

And the Winner is…

This month we are excited to bring you the much-anticipated results of our first West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle Readers’ Choice Awards.

With Heartfelt Gratitude.

There is so much to be thankful for this time of year! November marks the two-year anniversary of the launch of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle. We are incredibly thankful to be celebrating another year of connecting our community through the stories and events we feature each month. Thank you, our faithful readers, for your wonderful feedback and support!

Food and Spirits.

I love a great meal. There’s something about that first bite that tastes beautiful, smells delicious and leaves you longing for many more. I love visiting a restaurant with my husband, enjoying the atmosphere and selecting something fabulous to savor from a wide array of menu options. It means I don’t have to cook or clean and can simply enjoy…

Fashion To Fall For.

We are incredibly excited to bring you the first all-fashion issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle. Our team has never worked harder on an issue, but we’ve also never had this much fun. We started by looking for local models—real women living right here in our community. Two ladies featured in our May issue blew us away at their…

Let Us Entertain You.

I have a deep-rooted love for the arts, which is why our annual Arts & Entertainment edition of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is my favorite issue of the year. This month we celebrate many of the wonderful artists and entertainment opportunities in and around our community.

Gas up and go.

We were exactly 25 hours into summer vacation when my 9-year-old first uttered the words, “Mom, there’s nothing to do.” If you’ve also heard these words or felt them yourself, we have some great ideas for you inside this issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle. This month we have a potpourri of stories about people and places in and…

Dedicated to the men we love.

Ladies, last month was your time to shine. This month it’s all about the guys. This issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is packed full of stories about amazing men who are helping to shape our community in a variety of ways.

Women who inspire us.

In honor of Mother’s Day, May's issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle celebrates the women in our community who inspire. Earlier this year we asked you to tell us about inspirational women who live, work or volunteer in our community. It was difficult to narrow the list, but this month please enjoy the stories of our community’s exceptional women.…

The Great Outdoors.

With the mild winter we had this year, it might feel like spring arrived months ago. But now as the mud-covered ground and bare trees give way to the more vibrant colors of spring, the outdoors feel warm and welcoming once again. It’s time to get outside!

Make your house a home.

What makes a house a home? I believe it’s the way it makes you feel when you enter. If it’s warm, welcoming and filled with love, it will feel like a home. This month we share tips on how to make your home feel more comfortable, stylish and warm.

Four-legged family member.

This year we had a new addition to our family. Our brand-new bundle of joy kept us up many sleepless nights, but she stole our hearts immediately. She walks on four legs and is covered in fur, but that doesn’t make her less important as a bona fide member of our family.

A Healthy New Year.

Happy New Year from all of us at West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle! As we kick off 2017, we are given 365 new days and a chance at a fresh start. It’s tradition to take this time to focus on making positive changes in our lives. This Healthy Living edition of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle is packed full of…

Holiday traditions.

It’s hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner. Each year as I unpack my boxes of decorations, memories from Christmas’ past come flooding to my mind. One of my favorite holiday traditions dates back to my very first Christmas. Every year my mom would give me a new Christmas ornament. When I moved out on my own,…

Happy Anniversary!

Welcome to the one-year anniversary issue of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle! It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since our first issue arrived in homes. Last November we launched West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle with a mission to engage and inspire our communities, raise awareness of local charities and help area businesses grow. We thank you, our…

Fit for a foodie.

Two of my favorite indulgences are great food and great wine. I consider myself a "foodie," often seeking out unique new dishes to savor at restaurants or experimenting to create something tasty in my own kitchen. That’s why we’re excited to debut West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle’s first Food & Wine issue.

For love of the arts.

My love of the fine arts started when I was five years old. My mother took me to see a community theatre production of Annie. I was in awe of the singing and dancing that took place on that stage. Just a year later the movie Annie came out in theaters, and I was hooked on the music. No record…

Ages and stages.

Next month I reach a new milestone—I turn 40. As I prepare to start a new decade, I’ve started thinking of the various ages and stages in our lives. This month West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle travels through the years and dives into stories about different generations.

Summer around town.

As I sit on my porch this July evening, I can hear the telltale signs that summer is in full swing. I hear the melodic chirping of the robins nesting in our rafters (it’s not so pleasurable at 5 a.m., but in the evening it’s quite beautiful). There are the excited voices of children playing games like kickball and capture…

One of the guys.

I grew up in a home with all women, but now I am outnumbered in my household by three to one. Today, I am the sole female in our home. When my boys were younger, I grew hoarse from trying to get them to sit still. I got frustrated with attempts to stop the symphony of bodily noises at the…

Women that wow us.

While growing up, whenever I had to write an essay about the person I admired most, the choice was easy—my mom. I could wallpaper a room with the stories I have written about her. Mom showed me the value of hard work and sacrifice when she worked three jobs to keep us in our childhood home. She showed me that…

Come sail away 
with us.

Spring is here! As the weather shifts, many look forward to making plans for travel and outdoor adventures. This travel and outdoors issue is about inspiring those plans and getting back outside. My family has been returning to the same vacation spot in Southern Florida for over 35 years, now bringing the fourth generation of our family to this special…

Home sweet home.

Home. It means different things to each of us. For some, it’s a relaxing place to unwind and escape at the end of a long day. For others, we look around our home and see only the things that need to be fixed: piles of disorganized clutter, half-finished projects, outdated décor and spaces that need a thorough cleaning. I definitely…

All things local.

In West Chester & Liberty Townships we are fortunate to have some of the biggest companies in the world right here in our backyard. These businesses provide jobs, opportunities, financial resources and charitable contributions to our residents. Large corporations make a significant contribution to enable our communities to thrive.