Trainer Confessions 3

What They Might Not Tell You In Your Workout.

Even the best of the best have a few vices. Local trainers have stepped up to the plate to share their “confessions,” proving that even the experts sneak a cheat meal once in a while.

“As a trainer I spend a lot of time helping others work out but sometimes that means my own fitness gets put on the back burner. I may know what to do for my own work out, but sometimes I like to take a class and not have to think or prepare ahead of time, just show up and enjoy a workout!”

Kimberly Gebert

Certified Personal Trainer, East Butler YMCA and Mason Community Center

“Although I am very passionate about eating a healthy and wholesome diet, I do have a favorite cheat meal and that is poutine. Poutine is a Canadian classic that consists of french fries, melted cheese curds and gravy, all on one delicious plate. Lucky for me, the best poutine is found in Canada so I only eat it when I go home to visit!”

Breanne Laprade

Fitness Director, Mercy Health Fairfield HealthPlex

“As a former Marine, my motto has always been to lead by example. Clients respond to those who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. I love it when my clients and riders tell me that I’m killing them. I kindly remind them that I’m certified in CPR and more than qualified to bring them back from the dead if need be.”

Leslie Hambrick

Group Fitness Instructor, CycleBar