For love of the arts.

My love of the fine arts started when I was five years old. My mother took me to see a community theatre production of Annie. I was in awe of the singing and dancing that took place on that stage. Just a year later the movie Annie came out in theaters, and I was hooked on the music. No record…

Crazy Cardboard Regatta

Have you ever seen a hot dog race a duck or a platypus sink a ship? These were just some of the sights at the seventh annual Crazy Cardboard Regatta at Voice of America Park. Teams featured handcrafted boats made entirely out of cardboard, competing for speed, originality and floatability.

Linkinnati Golf Outing

The eighth annual Linkinnati Golfs for EDGE event raised over $12,800 to support EDGE Teen Center. Linkinnati is a networking group with chapters in West Chester and throughout Cincinnati. EDGE serves 500 Lakota students each year, giving them a place to build community with one another.

Around Town

The hills are alive! Join the Community First Solutions Trips and Travel program for an entertaining evening at the theater. Enjoy the show without the worry of driving and parking downtown. The cost is $75 and includes your ticket to the show as well as transportation to and from the theater. For additional 
information and to RSVP call Nancy Fetters,…

Emotion in Motion

Dancer Robert Weatherington defies gravity. As if he has springs in his feet, he glides through the air in a nimble leap, touches his hands to his pointed toes, and softly lands with a satisfied smile. Even his attitude defies gravity. Despite the obstacles that life delivers, nothing seems to bring this talented young man down.

POP Into the Art Revolution

You may think that if you want to get a taste of art you have to travel to downtown Cincinnati and beyond; however, one local business is bringing that experience close to home. Tucked behind the walls of a quaint storefront on East Main Street in Mason, lies one of the area's best kept secrets: POP Revolution. Upon entering, visitors…

My Editing Pen

Eleven years ago I sat in Mr. Dean Hume’s classroom at Lakota East High School and learned that I was going to become co-editor of the high school’s magazine–the Spark. I was elated. I was shocked. I was completely blown away that he had chosen me, out of a staff of more than 100 students, to lead this 80-page, award-winning…

Taking Center Stage

She walked into an audition her freshmen year at Lakota West for the spring musical, The Sound of Music. That was the first time director Kim Eldridge encountered Lauren Sprague. “I didn’t know anything about her,” Eldridge says. “She walked in and blew me away with her acting, her dancing, her singing. She was not a typical freshman, that’s for…


Art, in its many forms and expressions, exists in every community and culture. From the days of etchings in caves and on rock, humans have tried to express the things of value, the things that are thoughtful, and the things that escape words through an artistic medium. French artist Henri Matisse proclaimed that “creativity takes courage,” and there is no…

Band Mom 

I was a band geek. At least, that’s what they called it back in my high school days. On Friday nights during football season, I proudly donned a hat that made me look a lot like a human Q-tip and marched around the field at halftime with a hundred or so other committed musicians.