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New Year, New Cleanse

When you hear the word “cleanse,” most people conjure up visions of drinking only lemon water with cayenne pepper for weeks. But there is a healthier and safer way to cleanse.

Resolutions For A Healthy You

Making a New Year’s resolution is an annual tradition for many and can be a great way to make a positive change in life. However, most resolutions don’t last for more than a few weeks. According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

5 Ways To Spin Your Workout

Pedals are flying, sweat is dripping, hearts are racing and the music is blaring. This isn’t just any spin class. It’s one at CycleBar.

Ask The Experts: The Urology Group

Both men’s and women’s health can be complicated, and two areas that we tend to be reluctant to talk about are the urinary tract and the reproductive system. For more than 20 years, the team at The Urology Group in Cincinnati has built a reputation as the region’s premier provider of urologic care and one of the leading specialty groups…

Skin Safety

The sun is out and pool season is nearly upon us. With the ending of school and beginning of summer, everyone loves spending more time outside, soaking up the rays. It’s easy to get excited about the long, sun-filled days, but it’s important to remember the risks that can come with too much sun exposure. Dr. Scott Grevey, M.D., and…

Put A Spring In Your Step

Dr. Kristin Titko is a local podiatrist with more than 20 years of experience in foot and ankle medical treatment and surgery. She followed in her podiatrist father’s footsteps to become one of Greater Cincinnati’s most trusted specialists. She celebrates two years of practice in Liberty Township this month.

The Skin You’re In

With the warm summer months drawing nearer, many are planning their family vacations and trips to the pool. Whether you want to prepare your body for the sunshine, treat yourself to a facial or simply check in with experts to learn more about caring for your skin, Scott Grevey, M.D., and his team at Dermatology & Surgery of Southern Ohio…

Go Green

Chemical-based cleaners can cause skin irritations and rashes, dry and cracking hands and fingers and have even been known to induce asthma, especially in young children. Many top-selling brands that fill store shelves include chemicals that just aren’t safe for our environment or bodies. Many labels seem designed to mislead consumers. Navigating the world of eco-friendly products can be confusing.…

Nature’s Hero

The olive branch has a distinguished historical significance, representing peace, renewed life and immortality. Crowns made of olive branches were once placed on the heads of Olympic champions as a symbol of victory in ancient Greece. Olive oil is named countless times in the Bible. It’s no wonder that this product of the esteemed olive tree is recognized as a…

Your Diet is Failing You

The new near has arrived and with it, the resolution to lose some of those pounds put on by the holidays. Do you know the one thing that almost every diet has in common? They fail. According to a recent survey, the number one resolution for the year is to lose weight. About 45% of Americans make resolutions and by…