Animal Hospital of West Chester 
Treats Each Patient As Family

Not everyone knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives at a young age, but Jennifer Dehnbostel, DVM, owner of Animal Hospital of West Chester, knew when she was in elementary school.

“As a young girl, I often put a leash on any loose dog or cat and put them on our front porch railing. I tried but failed at catching the ‘lost’ cats. I assumed it was lost and I must protect it from getting injured,” Dehnbostel smiles. “We had a couple angry neighbors come to my house to untie their dog from our front porch post.”

With a sincere passion for animals, Dehnbostel, whose patients lovingly refer to her as Dr. D, knew she was meant to care for them.

“I decided to become a veterinarian after interviewing one for a research paper in the fifth grade,” Dehnbostel says. “I was hooked on the science, surgery, compassion and ability to heal the animals.”

After practicing veterinary medicine for 14 years, Dehnbostel opened Animal Hospital of West Chester in 2009. One year later, she expanded and added Kara Ringenbach, DVM, (“Dr. Kara”) to the practice. Together they treat the animal patients and their owners like family. Sarah Tiltman, the hospital’s practice manager and a longtime colleague in the industry, says Dehnbostel has a special relationship with her patients.

“In the 11 years I have worked in the veterinary field exclusively, Dr. Dehnbostel is the first practitioner I have experienced who is truly interested in treating the pet and the owner as one unit,” Tiltman says. “She builds a relationship with the pet and sees the relationship with the owner as equally important.”

Dehnbostel adds, “We all love animals; however, every pet comes with a loving human attached. It’s important to us to develop a relationship with our patient’s family so together we can create a healthcare plan to ‘keep the healthy pet healthy’ through all stages of life.”

In addition to treating animals, the team at Animal Hospital of West Chester also provides grooming and boarding services. What makes the 16-person staff stand out is their personal level of commitment to clients.

“We are not a perfect veterinary fit for everyone; we are just a different flavor,” Dehnbostel explains. “And that works for us and our patients. Everyone should find the flavor that tastes the best! We are different from others based on the blend of animal care professionals within our hospital.”

The Animal Hospital of West Chester is located at 9335 Cincinnati-Columbus Road in West Chester. For more information or to schedule a visit, go online.