Turn The Page To Summer

Don’t close your books just because school is out. This summer, MidPointe Library West Chester is again offering its exciting Summer Reading Program. With a new online component and additional programming, there is something for all ages at the library.

Must Reads for Moms

The day a parent welcomes a child into the world, their life is forever changed. Children bring us tremendous moments of joy, laughter and pride. Our precious little ones show us just how deeply we are able to love and how swiftly we are able to forgive.

Life Lessons by the Book

Of the list of reasons why a mom might grab a paper towel in an emergency moment—juice box explosion, runaway meatball or even a sniffling nose—to write a book does not rise to the top of the list, but that’s what happened in one local family’s kitchen. When Kellen Montgomery, at age eight, declared a strong disdain for reading and…