Come Home to Skally’s

 Timeline  1961 Ephraim and Odette Skally moved to Cincinnati from New York City.  1977 The Skallys founded Old World Bakery in Cincinnati, introducing pita bread to the area.

Creature Comforts

In a lower-level business plaza off Snider Road, practically hidden from view, Kitty Brew Cafe allows customers the opportunity to eat and drink alongside cats available for adoption. Owner Jenni Barrett started the business in 2017 after years of volunteering with Animal Friends Humane Society, a rescue partner for the cafe’s cats.

Comeback Coffee

The Fringe Coffee House is designed with a mission: to break down barriers for ex-felons as they re-enter society. With a nine-month customized job training program for ex-convicts, the unique café empowers and equips those on the fringes of society.

Couture, Culture and Class

Step inside and you’ll feel like you’re in an Audrey Hepburn movie. Luxurious coats and dresses hang in front of you, vintage jewelry rests lightly on tall white shelves, one-of-a-kind handbags dangle in the corner, splashes of pink flow throughout, and fashionable artwork and quotes adorn the walls. Some of them from Ms. Hepburn herself.

An Eye For Art

At its very core, art is defined as the expression of creativity and imagination. It’s the creation of works that are to be appreciated for both their beauty and emotional impact. We typically think of art as a picture or a sculpture, but it can be argued that, by definition, people can also become the artwork. Sherry Armstead, at her…

Driving Toward Faith

Nearly two years ago, Mike Campbell took a leap of faith by moving his family to West Chester to open the newest Christian Brothers Automotive franchise, located on Cincinnati-Dayton Road. After many years of working in service industries, Mike and his wife, Flo, were seeking a business opportunity that represented the highest standard of integrity and business ethics. They became…

Lovable Patients

Most of us know that chocolate is off limits to dogs; however, did you know about these other common food and beverage items that shouldn’t be eaten by your pet? Animal Hospital of West Chester shares the top human foods that cats and dogs shouldn’t touch (this list is not all-inclusive).

Add Tick Tock to Your Clock

In this “most wonderful time of the year,” 24 hours and two hands simply aren’t enough. Providing concierge and personal assistance services to households and small businesses, Cincy Concierge chases down even the most daunting tasks on your to-do list. The innovative brainchild of owner and founder Trip Topken, Cincy Concierge’s Santa bag is brimming with the gift we all…

POP Into the Art Revolution

You may think that if you want to get a taste of art you have to travel to downtown Cincinnati and beyond; however, one local business is bringing that experience close to home. Tucked behind the walls of a quaint storefront on East Main Street in Mason, lies one of the area's best kept secrets: POP Revolution. Upon entering, visitors…

Making the Grade

Jaylin Pendleton was in the third grade when his mother Brandy decided it was time to get him some help. For two years, Brandy worked with teachers and school personnel to correct and manage some unwanted behaviors. However, the stakes were a little higher once Jaylin entered third grade, when state achievement tests begin. Jaylin was in danger of falling…

Four Generations of Jewelry

Still flourishing nearly a century after it first started, Welling & Co. Jewelers now has a unique new space in Olde West Chester. The first thing you notice as you enter the new location at 8992 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, is a beautifully-made, eye-catching brick wall across the room.

State-of-the-Art Safety

The statistics are alarming and may shock you. There are about two million home burglaries in the United States every year, a number that amounts to a home intrusion every 13 seconds. The highest percentage of burglaries occurs during the spring and summer months. The average loss per break in is about $2,200; the loss of security and peace of…

Family Trees

Christmas tree farms are magical. We go to sleep on a November night, all snug in our beds, and the next morning, as if by magic, gorgeous green trees are neatly arranged, ready to be chosen and cherished, decorated and loved. But don’t try to sell the people at West Chester’s Station Road Farm on all this wonder talk: they…